THE FURY | 35.4" Custom Deck | Single Carvon V2 Hub Motor | Dexter's 10S3P | Ollin VESC | Space Cell Enclosure

Hello guys, my name is Agustín. I’m 22 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was looking to build my very first electric longboard but I have some questions. I’m not very good with this sort of creative stuff, and in my country its very hard to find the required equipment to build one. I was thinking to buy the 3 items from Carvon Skates, anyone has some experience with them? What else do I need apart from the batteries? Which batteries would be nice for this setup? I’ll be staying in the US for 15 days in May, so I need to buy everything then. I already have a board to build it, I wish to spend 600U$S or less including the listed items down below or similar items that you can recommend.

Thank you all!

Hope hearing from you guys soon

That’s a good set up For that ESC you will need a ubec in order to power the receiver. Since you are going to be in the USA for a limited time order in advance to avoid any delay.

P.S Torqueboard remote is the same but he charges less for it


Edit: I can’t go over 650U$S (I dont need a board). And I need to be able to carry the components in the plane with me, I understand that the batteries can’t be over 99WH.

Whats an UBEC? Which batteries should I get?

Thank you Kaly

the batteries will be very difficult to get by security about the 600.00 you need to be flexible, do you have a charger ? or a power supply ? this are other spences

the ubec you can get here

there you can check the batteries too you can get 4 of this for a 12s setup.

I can expend 700U$S top, including 3 items I listed firstly, batteries, ubec and charger.

You could go with a conventional belt driven setups to get the cost lower.

torqueboard’s and Enertion sell kits with motors, trucks, wheels, and mounting hardware for very reasonable prices.

seems like everyone loves Carveon hubs… I’d buy a pair to try them out if it didnt cost so damn much.

Like @cmatson said if you want to save money, use a single drive satellite motor system. I got a bunch of basically brand new stuff for that. if you want.

What do u have? @barajabali

Everything. I’m constantly buying things from suppliers directly as opposed to going through diy or anything. Cheaper that way

Do u have any low tooth pulleys? Htd5?

Motor pulley? How low

I will pm u so we don’t blow up this thread

Two of those in series will give you about 97 watt hours. Yes i just went through hobby king’s listings and did a bunch of math, but it was kind of interesting to see what i could grab for a target watt hour range.

and they’re only $30 each.

@longhairedboy @cmatson @Kaly Well, I was looking up in the Internet and I found out that I cant carry any type of batteries in my plane. Are these batteries any good?

Theres a guy in my country that sells them, and theres not much of an option…

Everything else I can buy it in the US without any problems.

What about a charger and those are fine

yeah these would be fine in series. And as far as charging goes, you can either go with a single 6S charger and charge them separately one at a time, or go with a dual 6S charger and charge them separately at the same time.

Another option would be to tear both packs down and make a proper 8S pack out of the pouches and use an 8S charger. Not sure if its worth the effort, but the extra work would allow you to use a single charge port and just plug the charger into the board instead of having to unplug packs. But since you’re on a budget you might be doing the sandwich box thing which would make taking the packs out a lot easier.

So you have a few options.

Depending on your weight you can go with 3 packs for a 12S and you’ll have better range and will stress less your components.

True, since taking it on a plane is no longer an option, having to stay under 99WH isn’t necessary. May as well crank it up a bit for only a few more bucks if the ESC can handle it.

Hi guys @longhairedboy @Kaly @barajabali @cmatson

I finally decided to buy the Carvon Single HUB motor kit. But now I was cheking about the batteries again.

How much range would I get with 2 x ?

Hobbyking ships to Argentina, so I’m really happy!

at 97 watt hours depending on your weight you’re looking at 4 to 6 miles max.