The Ghost | bustin boards deck | caliber Trucks | single tacon 245kv | Custom Mount | 8S 4p li ion| ollinboard vesc

Alright ive finally got the time and money to start my build. I’m going to be running a single because 20 degrees is probably my max incline. Special thanks to @chaka for great customer service and help so far with helping me decide on parts and fixing my vesc. Take a look below at the parts and give me ur input besides the motor im still ordering parts.

Parts list Xl motor pulley 16t

xl belt 32 tooth working on a motor mount in cad Tacon 245kv motor(will be purchasing two of chakas new 200kv motors in case i decide to upgrade.) vesc ollinboards A123 cells 12s 2p config bms or standard charger? 150 watt soldering iron 10 awg silicon stranded wire Battery Capacity Tester Indicator for 12V - 48V Lead-acid Lithium LiPo w 48v 2a momentary switch

For the battery, not sure if you already saw this thread, but it might provide helpful info. I’m not sure the Tacon will run well on that kV for a single drive, but my gut feeling is telling me you may want to run a lower kV unless you plan to go dual, especially with a 2:1 gear reduction. I’m assuming you also mean 20% grade hills and not 20 degrees, because that’ll be insane!

You may also want to get a deck :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i already have the deck, and what do u mean by the tacon not running well. Yea the gear reduction i figuered id have to charge to like 16 by 40 edit btw only weigh 120ibs

It may not have the torque required to bring you up 20% grade hills. You may want to get a lower kV motor. Enertion’s 6372 190kV motor is pretty good at going hills. Your setup also exceeds chaka’s eRPM limit by a couple thousand so that might give you some trouble down the line as well.

Well i figuered that if i hit the hill at a fast enough speed i would be fine. And isnt the kv irrelevant for the most part so long as the gearing is right? Also i was worried about that so should run 10s with the lifepo4 instead?

Yea you very well may be fine, but I’ve never used that motor so I couldn’t say for sure. You could reduce the gearing like you suggested and that may work out better for you. As for eRPM, running 10s would put your under the soft limit, though so would a lower kV motor, up to you.

ill just get a larger pulley maybe 40 tooth? And i really like the tacon so ill just run it at 10s

This is way too high voltage for a vesc and a 245kv motor. Either go 10s or less than 200kv motor.

lifepo4 cells have a lower voltage that li ions

Lifepo4 12s is 38v nominal, but yea it might not have enough torque.

see my only problem is that i have to order a new htd motor pulley and after shipping it come out to 30 dollars for that one piece.

Could you edit your original post and link to all the items you specified. It’d make it easier for us to help you if we can reference the exact part you’re talking about.

yea its done

Why would you need a new pulley?

32t wont work right? and i have to use xl pulleys because the htd are too expensive for my location

Oh, you said motor pulley originally, you should still be able to use that 16T one. Now that I look back, you didn’t specify what wheel pulley you want to use.

Wait so i can run the 16 tooth motor pullet with the 32 tooth wheel pulley then?

That loops back around to our intial problem of the Tacon probably not doing so great on hills. Opt for a 40T if you can find one. In your OP you said “XL 32T belt”

ohhh alright yea my bad wasnt paying attention. Im trying to run lifepo4 so i never have to change the battery or at least not for a long time. But idk how the two compare in the application of an electric skateboard in the real world

If you’re spending all the cash to get fancy a123 cells, might as well pony up a bit more to get high quality pulleys and parts :slight_smile: