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Hi everyone, This is my first post and first build. I’ve been reading for a while now but have finally got a parts list together and was just looking for a few opinions before I shell out and buy parts. Also please note that I live in Australia so postage has affected my decisions but am still open to any suggestions.

Here’s what I have so far (All prices are in AUD):

Is this controller any good/ worth the money? If not what should I get instead?

At this stage I’m planning to run my batteries in series to get a total of 37V and 5Ah. From what I understand I will also need a BMS if I want to be able to charge my lipos without taking them out of the board each time - what one would you recommend?

What gearing would you go for with these specs?

Also, is there anything else major I am missing?

Thanks, Hamish

You could save some cash by going to caliber clones for trucks. You could opt for a GT2B remote instead of a nano-x and save $100 (and maybe doing a mod for it later).

You wont need a BMS if you put the balance wire plugs through the enclosure wall.

I have a better remote at better price

maybe its the exchange rate but prices seem crazy high there. caliber2s are only $30 on amz us. for remote the mini remote from ebay is < $20.

aside from that watch out for cheap quality drive kits on ebay…

Ahh yes, I might get one of them instead. But I would still need one if I didn’t want to charge each battery one at a time?

Yeah that’s the thing about living in Australia :cry: Also all the one’s for around $30 don’t ship to Aus so by the time I’ve got a mail forwarding service I figure I might as well buy from a seller here and just pay the extra. With the drive kit I might end up either making my own gears and then just needing a belt or I might just spend the extra on postage and get brand name stuff. Has anyone had any bad experiences with these ebay ones or just stay away as a rule of thumb?

This is ALMOST the same build that I’m thinking of doing. I went with 2 of these to get my 10s1p:

I’ll get another two in the future to get my range up.

Good luck with your build Hamish!

Thanks! Good luck to you as well. I was looking at them but decided on mine just for easier balancing and slightly slightly smaller size



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Oh ok, thanks Do the rest of the parts look ok?

Yes it looks fine.

But don’t forget about the cost of wire, connectors, a switch or loop key, a device to charge your batteries, maybe a fuse, and tools to put it all together. These may be inexpensive, but unless you have them already they may delay your build.