The great Dane | Cruiser Deck | 270KV N5065 | Custom Mount | 6S | ESC

Hey guys :smiley: As many people before me, I need you experts to help me with a build of an electric skateboard. It’s my first build and i will make sure everything fits together. My list is as follows: ESC: Programming card (not sure if i need one): Battery 2x: Transmitter + Receiver : Motor: Charger:

The board is just some old one, i had laying around Hope you guys can help

Best regards Malte

I dont think you need the programming card…if yo uwant sommther ride, change the ESC for VESC :slight_smile: The batteries are ok, you will need series adapter

YOu dont have a motor mount and pulleys and other parts in your list…

Also you can get a balance lead harness (2x3s to 6s or 2x3s to 3s2p, but the 6s will be better for you) for easier charging :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. Do you have an idea for a series adapter on ebay? And I will be making my own motor mount

If you dont want to solder anything then this and this But I HIGLY recomend you to change all the conncectors (except motor to esc connectors) for XT90 conncectors and also making a loop key from XT90s and another series adapter…

I would advise you to buy the batteries from HobbyKing. You can get those exact batteries for about $25 (Aud). Apart from that all you will need is some pulleys or sprockets and a motor mount. Good luck