The Green Missile | First Build | Planning Stage: Figuring out the electronics

Alright, Hi guys! I’m new here :stuck_out_tongue:

Been reading for a few days and now I think I’m ready to get everything planned out so I can buy parts and get building! So far I’ve figured out the board part, But I’m more than willing to take advice!!

-Deck: The one part I’m set on! Gonna have my artsy GF design some awesome graphic!

-Wheels/Tires: I need some larger tires so I can handle the rough blacktop for long distances, Plus AT is sweet! Gonna try Maxid’s 3d printed hubs. -Trucks: Just some wider skate trucks. -Motor Mount: Thinking DIY -Battery: DIY 10S4P with Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A -BMS: No idea, Need to look into this one -VESC: This guy seems to be the forum go-to -Motor: I had one recommendation to use this guy, so unless I get some other answers I guess that’s what I got.

Annndd that’s all I got :confused: I know I still need some more parts. This stuff is hard for me to wrap my head around because it’s just so much information all at once!!

All I know is I want to go between 20-30 MPH. I have some hills along the way but it’s mostly flat worn blacktop. I weigh ~170Lbs. And price, I’m not made of cash, but I’m not super poor either. I think that’s everything. Oh, and I wanna do this as the controller I don’t know if that affects part deciding…

I really hope I’m not breaking any rules with this post :o I plan to update it as the building process goes along so as to only have one build thread. :grimacing:

Sorry, but where is your motor? And Esc? And Switch?

Another thing, do you know the time of the shipping of the Custom Boards? I want a blank deck from them and I wanna know (Will be only 10 days in NYC)?

Still working on those bits. I’m not sure what I’ll need to get the proper speed and torke. As for shipping I don’t know, first time ordering a deck from anywhere, and my GF still needs to design the graphic, but I’ll let you know. It’ll probably be the first thing I buy.

Nice! Maybe you don’t want, but I will give my opinion, Buy a Vesc from Ollin Boards, the Motor you can use a Sk3 190kv or The Polars ones, it would work perfectly with the right pulleys, don’t know which because I use normal wheels. 10s4p with a Bms, buy from @barajabali, it is not as cheap as HK, but it is High Quality and have a Bms and Switch. The enclosure you can buy from Enertion, they have a few for 30$. and good luck man, you will have a lot of headache with the esk8, but it is worth the pain.


I don’t think that the trampa wheels with the 12mm bearrings will fit the paris Trucks

Ah thanks for the suggestions! I’m completely new so anything to help is appreciated!! I’ll look into the motor! Seems to be the go to around here. Hmm batt will be tough, I know 10s means 10 cell but I don’t remember the P… She’s he use the 18650 cells? I guess that doesn’t matter too much. I’m gonna try to make a split system. I don’t want to cover up my graphic if my girl makes it.

As for enclose I think I have 3d printer access so I’ll probably go that route. I’m familiar with CAD so that’ll be easy :smirk:. Haha and headache is right! But it’s thrilling! Brings me back to when I was researching how to build a PC!!

(I don’t know how to quote) @Lukas huh. Guess it’s a good thing I made the post! I’ll have to look that up. Any recommendations if it doesn’t fit?

Show us yours GF graphics! About the Battery, 10s4p is a good battery, but you can go with 10s3p too, less range, but lighter and less space used!

She’s gotta design it yet :joy: hmmm I’ll have to see about the battery. I live about 6 miles from town so range is something I want a fair bit of

10s4p is 13 or 14 miles of range, but with a Bms you can charge it in 1 and a half hour

Awesome! Sounds perfect! Now I just need to figure out the damn pulleys! I’m good at math but man, that’s a beast for my brain :frowning:

I made some changes! Added a few of the electronics!

Nice, tell us what you did!

Now I’m looking into pulley’s / motor mounts Can’t find much here, I do have access to a mill so I could craft my own, but I still need to figure out the gears!

@trampa I’m wondering if you could offer me some help. I was looking at your motor mount kits but I’m not totally sure if my config would even work with what is offered. I was thinking this one.

But I’m not sure if it would fit the Cal II trucks!! And I don’t think this one would allow/ fit a larger gear for the Hypa hub!

Hi NerdNinja, there is no kit fitting both, caliber II and Hypa hub setups. A caliber truck is designed to work with street wheels. The only dual setup capable design is the carve board fleet. This can take 83,90,125mm and pneumatic wheels. It’s an awesome board! I have a build thread going on. Official Trampa build thread…


Ok, well I’m 100% set on the board. The next thought in my head is to get the urban Carver infinity trucks. But looking at then it seems they’re designed for boards with angled mounting plates. Witch I could easily build on to my board.

Would that then work with the urban Carver mount? I don’t see why not.

Yes, works. Do yourself a favor and go for the carve board deck. It’s a fucking lush setup mate. Outperforms anything out there. The angled nose section lower your feet in reference to the trucks pivot point. Standing above the pivot point, using wedges, doesn’t give the same feeling.


Sounds awesome but I think it’ll have to wait for a future build :slightly_smiling_face: the only reason I’m going with custom skateboards is because my girlfriend agreed to draw me a graphic. I don’t think I could do that as easily with a carve board!

You can. Just print it on foil and stick it on. Some people have done lush stuff.


have a look at lipo 5 x 2s 5000mah 65c with a bestech bms theres more work wiring and reading heres the link

That might actually be cheaper… I’ll look into it!

@hornet90 Any reason to do this over a diy 10s4p with li-lion cells?