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Nope, ordered the deck from the same company that makes the adjustable brackets.

Thinking about it now, it would have made more sense to make it myself from scratch, and probably a little cheaper, now that I am customizing it the way I am. Oh well, live and learn!

So any timeline for this new bigger space cell you have in the works? Will likely be ready to order by the end of the month.

just trying to work out how to make it fit… i think 10S4P is doable… but need to custom make the BMS

Looking forwards to strapping it under my ride!

Supplies came in yesterday and immediately started laying fiber, unfortunately did not have a lot of time from getting off work, tell too dark to work to sneak in any pictures of the process, am in a mad rush to get this done before friday.

So far everything has been going fairly smoothly, aside from the vacuum bag being a real pain to work with as it is so thick and does not like to give. Am hoping this last layup I did tonight will be the final, and if it is will have used 6 layers of carbon fiber. Three layers isolated in the battery space and three full layers covering the entire deck. Am a little curious to see how this last layup will turn out since I did 4 layers at a time, and putting the layup into the bag was a bit tricky…it will likely have a few imperfections in the final result, but am not overly concerned since it is not for form but simply for function.

Heres the only picture I got of the second layup already in the bag

And here is another picture of what I made at work the last couple days.

Am going to travel the east coast by longboard in Australia, so decided it would be useful to have a trailer :smile:


LOVE-IT! i have been thinking about trailers a lot lately… great not just for cargo, but small children! solar panels, big batteries etc…

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Thanks onloop! Yep my thoughts have been on the same thing!

Well here it is, fresh out of the vacuum bag

It is far from perfect cosmetically, and now that I have done this a couple times would do it a lot differently…the biggest thing would be not being in such a rush to get it done!

Will have a bit of work in a couple areas, but considering this will have a layer of paint over it, think everything turned out well.


Made some axle extensions for the trailer truck today at work.


Threaded extension onto existing bolt, or weld in a new bolt extension? More info - how wide did you go?

Is your trailer going to be just the one truck at the back with wheels and front attached to your “hitch” or something mid-mount like a regular car trailer?

Yep, just threads on.

Wouldn’t suggest doing this to any truck that is being ridden normally though, cast trucks are notorious for bending as it is, and the added leverage will do it that much quicker, since this is only being used for a trailer there should be no problems. 180mm to 256mm

Am just doing one truck at the back wheels, wont ever being loading more than 60lbs so should be fine.

2nd coat of seal

And tomorrow it will be painted white.

Hey @onloop, hope your new larger space cell will be ready soon :smiley:

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Sample has been made… it will be waiting for me when I get home.

That deck is looking nice mate!.

Maybe need to make some carbon fiber truck brackets. Are the existing ones aluminium or steel?

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Thanks dude!

My drop brackets are aluminum. If you built drop brackets out of carbon, would totally buy those up!

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Ditto! I’d be all over a set of CF drop brackets…

@Wanderer - that looks really nice! A shame to cover it with paint… but just well done!!!

Small update, still not electric… but am slowly reinforcing the deck to make it stiff as possible. Ordered some 6K carbon twill, this stuff is incredibly thick compared to the unidirectional carbon I was using previous, pretty sure if I had of used this stuff off the bat this deck would be the desired stiffness. Oh well, live and learn. At least now I have a real nice enclosure area for the larger space cell that onloop will hopefully be selling soon.


@kai In order to make the “E-board Builds” category really easy to search & locate specific builds i am asking that you change your title to something descriptive that better expresses the makeup of your build.

Most of the new build threads tend to end up with a name such as "new- noob - noobie - beginner - first - build - help - newb" this becomes hard to keep track of.

I would like to see each build thread with a descriptive title, such as; Project Name | Deck Name | Trucks | Motor type | Mounting method | Voltage/Battery | ESC

Example The Samurai | Custom Deck | Paris Trucks | R-SPEC | Custom Mount | 10S | VESC

Sounds good…but how do I edit it?

Scroll to the top of the thread. There should be an edit button near the title.

Nothing there.

If you feel like editing it…

The Heavyweight | Custom Deck | Roja Hybrid Trucks | SK3 6374 149kv | Custom Hub Motors | 10S3P | VESC

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