The hornet, e-toxx trampa on 2x torqueboards 230kv 6374 sensored motors

Hey guys,

Started a new build which im calling The Hornet… my 3yo chose the wire color… with all the yellow i could not think of anything else.

Heres a glimpse of the beast. Expect more update shortly. I’ll be on vacation for 2 weeks so I intend to build this baby.


Nice! I see You chose Trampa long 35 for Your build, awesome board and You’ll be pleased. What ESCs do You plan to use for this build? As You can see in my thread I stumbled on Maytech 120A ESCs that support 12S voltage and sensored motors, my nano remote finally showed up in tracking in Poland so I’ll be able to tell how they perform next week.

Who manufactures the piece that goes over the motors… can it be made for 15mm belt drive?

Where are the updates? This thing as been built for two weeks now

Did you get STUNG by the Hornet ?

230 kv is a bit high for this build for my taste. I run 10s dual 190kv 1:6 ratio 8in wheels. It’s really fast… And you don’t want to go too fast with these guys

Man that is clean I wanted to build one of these originally and seeing this makes me want to do this more what was your total cost and specs?

Well don’t want to hijack @EpicCel thread, but i do have picture of his build in my phone


Okay!! Okay!! :slight_smile:

Long story short… We got it working on August 7th, around 11PM. Still had the BMS and other elements to install but, I couldn’t wait. Rode 8km then got cocky and wen’t for a trail ride.

That’s when Karma showed up and broke my finger. :blush:

I’ll get to posting more. I’m trying not to type so much :).

You know it bud :).

I’m totally new here on this forum but I’m planning on building a eMTB and have started getting the parts together. One thing I have learnt is that you should tie the wires coming out of the motors to the brace otherwise you will fatigue the connection at the motor over time.

@squad had this trouble with his build -

Yeah, I have been stalking the forums and reading up as much as I can. Hopefully the little knowledge I have will be of use to you. Please correct me if I’m wrong but tie those wire to the brace!

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Old thread but - do these wires get in the way for your left foot while riding? Im seeing that you have ‘‘routed’’ them over the binding… I wonder how much the wire gets to flex while riding…