The HUBS-X | Enertion VESC-X | Hummie Hubs | Custom 10S4P pack | Restless B52 Deck

Hello Everyone,

Here it is, the first, and for all hope not the last one, using a dual setup of the NEW VESC-X.

And for all the FOC fans out there… It is tested and now only run in FOC mode, because is so F******* nice cruising around like a ninja on crack.

The motor

As you can read in the tittle, I’ve choose to use Hummie Hubs, to get a slim and clean design… Also I wanted to test them personally. Well, they are working really great, especially in FOC were they are silent as a ghost hauling at the moon. (Ghost don’t exist, so they are really silent).

The Battery

The battery is a simple hand made 10S4P, with a custom BMS… Who’s using a momentary switch. :wink:

Laying out the cell, so I wouldn’t make a big and sad fire.

Testing the end result…


The new form factor is really a major step, specially for using the space cell, it give more room for clean dual setup electronic. Also it provide more stability, I’ve been using them for quite a while in my old single 6355 setup without any problem, I’ve burn more motor than VESC at this point…

(This is my first try of laying out the BMS and VESC)

(And the End result, and I’ve also made my own split XT connector)

Thank You



Classy nice work

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are you one of the beta-testers?

Looks nice how they fit in the enclosure

Well, the Alpha sound better… :wink:

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what ind of BMS is that ?

The kind that is not really available for now… :wink:

What kind of specs do you get off the hummie hubs on 10s. Considering a similar build.

:)) show off

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I take it the BMS is from Enertion too?

These are the aluminum one, I strongly suggest the steel one… but I didn’t really monitor the HUBS, because the purpose of this this build was to test the new VESC-X in FOC mode. Also, it was one of my first build using hubs and I really like it, the overall design look nicer and it more stealth. But the draw back, is the heat, that why I suggest to go for the steal one.

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Inovation… :wink:


Shoot a video mate! Would love seeing it in action.

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Very sweet build… I do belive hub motors will be very much more popular in the near future. Even more so now the VESC-X can handle running them more reliably and keeping heat low.


I hope you have soldered all the missed parts like the C44/C49 ceramic capacitors/ the Tantals/ the Oscillator etc afterwards. :grin:

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well, for someone who need the altium file, you’re pretty spot on… It’s the beta I was working on, when I made this post…

Is that a compliment or an insult? :sunglasses::joy: Do you think someone who doesn’t see this needs the Altium/BOM files to check his theory about the so called “upgraded components”?

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let them discuss


Thanks for posting, nice testimonial, build - I’m excited by what I see so far.

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Sorry for the poor quality, but I scratch my good cam this summer. So here it is a small peek of my little ride today.


It’s pretty quiet. Is this in FOC mode?

Yes… I only use FOC for now on.

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