The Hummie Beast | Hummie Wood Carbon Deck | Hummie V4 | DIY Enclosure | 13s4p Compression Pack | 2x FSESC6.6|DIY nano-X mod

Disclaimer: this is my personal build. not the hummie complete.

The need for speed is real. Unsatisfied with my 10s4p Sanyo 18650RX voltage sag, low top speed and short range, I made a few upgrades. (basically everything but the hub is new :rofl:). Thank you @hummie for this beautiful deck. we will work on yours together soon.


image image

CNC mod for enclosure. with curves to match the concave and flex of the deck. 2 piece enclosure b/c im tired of removing all the screws to check the electronic compartment. image The mod came out excellent but vacuum form did not, overcooked the abs a little and left some nasty marks trying to push the abs into the groove with a glove on. I need to drill some hole to pull the abs down to the groove in the middle. I will probably do a CF one in the future.

Here’s the internal. super crowded. not even have enough space to fit the ppm receiver with it’s case on. look at those beautiful cell holders tho. im using a few different revision of them cus i dont want them to go to waste. image enclosure is held on by m4 screws with aluminium fender washer and m4 hardwood insert

where’s the bms??? image

there it is. underneath right under the big caps. I even have to take off the bms heatsink to fit it in. dw it’s bypassed so won’t need it anyways image

Bridging to complete the split 4p image

padding under the cell holders and on the enclosure image

Nano X mod (with deadman switch) not the best ergonomic but too lazy to design a better shape atm. image


everything looks so neat and compact no waste of space at all. nice work! will we be getting our hands on these fine cell holders soon? :smile:

What kinds of speed and power are you getting from this beast? Build looks great! :blush:

That couldn’t be any tighter in there! Link to the BMS?

That looks great! How about a side profile shot to show how thin it is?

Looks great! Glad to know the braided sleeve work exactly how we thought it would.

@Colson003 bms is already linked. You just need to click on it.

@Lunasi from calculator it’s has a top speed of 29-30, but that’sassuming 75kv. I need to check the actual kv on these hubs. Ive some telemetry from BEASK8 groupride up to twinpeak in SF today. Using regular HM-10 with ackmaniac app. there are a ton of small files and really hard to read. I did about 28 top and hit 31 at one point. didn’t full throttle at all the entire ride. I was getting speed wobbles so i need to swap up to some riptide bushing.

@ethel is gona send me a video of me bombing up the hill and it wasnt even full throttle. definitely more speed and torque than i can handle atm

@mishrasubhransu yeah I went over kill on the braid. better safe than sorry. I will make a better update on that post later tonight. I just got back from the groupride and tired af atm.


Is that painters tape on the balance wires?

yeah :rofl: I am just taping them down so it wouldnt get between the cell holders and the enclosure when i close it. a temporary solution I will properly secure the wires down later.

This build is a beast guys… witnessed it first hand. It takes the hills of SF no problem

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@winfly sick build


Gorgeous build, makes me wanna try some hubs in the future

Nice work

Edit: would love to see a video of just you climbing that hill with raw sound, no music

But there is no sound from these hubs lol. Maybe a little high frequency buzzing.


YESSSSS 13s! Very interested to see if flipsky can take it.

I’m hitting just under 30mph on my 13s voltage (15s A123) build. Want to try 90mm wheels for a touch more speed if hummie gets to it.

Riptide got rid of the hint of wobs I got on stock bushing.

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I didn’t charge my battery to full cus I was afraid of blowing. And like to preserve battery life. Charged up to 52v so 4v per cell.

The flipsky handles it well but it does have braking issue. I am getting the same thing as @rey8801. Using can bus and BT module on 6.4 ackmaniac firmware. Under no load with the board flipped upside down, it exhibit a weird behavior where the slave does not break and kept spinning at low speed. I had the battery min set at -12 and it worked perfectly for a good 7miles. Then I turn it off for a good hour and back on again and the break was completely gone and I can even feel a little push on full brake. It’s fking weird cus it was just a simple power off and on. I checked all the wire connections but it was still doing the same thing. I ended up bumping the battery min to -20 to get my brakes back. More testing on the 6.6 needed to identify the problem and it’s behavior.


Yeh I perfectly know the issue. In my case I increase motor min so for instance from - 50A to - 60A and then battery min to - 11A. For me these settings are working now. I think Flipsky 6.6 handles regenerate braking differently.

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I was already at -60 and -12, so I had no choice but higher. I think I’ll slowly step up to 100/-100 to see performance changes.

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Super board at 13s. I am also courious to see if Flipsky handles it.

Exactly :smile:

Here yougo