The iBoard Junior | Mini-Deck | SK3 6382 168kv | 10s LiPo | VESC | 83mm wheels

Hi! Just wanted to share my newest build. I’m upgrading my current board to a dual, so I had some parts left over from that. I really wanted a compact board I could carry with me home on the weekends, so that’s why it’s a small 22" deck.

My parts: Motor: Turnigy SK3 168kv ESC: VESC Battery: 10s (2x 5s) Turnigy LiPo 5Ah Motor mount: Enertion Mount Gearing: 15/36T 12mm belt Wheels: Black flywheel clones Trucks: Painted Enertion trucks Remote: Winning remote (still waiting for dat Nano-X doe) Deck: Generic mini-longboard style deck Enclosure: @Dunkirk ABS enclosure

Since most of the parts is from my old build (The iBoard) the building process was fairly easy.

Stuff I need to do: * Add grip tape

  • Smart charging solution * Cutout for button




It’s so tiny!!! Nice build man! This could be the ultimate e board for kids :laughing:

Yea! I really like the size. My Vanguard 38" is still a lot more comfortable to ride though, but this is just so damn easy to carry!

The deck is so cute :heart_eyes: Have you ridden it yet?

Yeah, took it out for a spin earlier today. Feels great! My 38" Vanguard is softer and smoother to ride though. But this is just perfect for small commutes! :smiley:

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Grip tape and button has been added! :slight_smile:

Now I only need a solution for charging with loop-key of some sort… I already have a balance charger, just not capable of 10S…


Board update!

  • Added purple Orangatang Kegels :white_check_mark:
  • Added RGB (WS2812) LED strips :white_check_mark:
  • Got a new remote to finally get rid of the Winning :white_check_mark:
  • 3D printed a bigger enclosure to fit all the extra electronics :white_check_mark:
  • Got some new Turnigy Graphene 5s 5ah :white_check_mark:

P.S.! Please leave suggestions for a name! I need to spraypaint my logo + name like I did on my main board, the Frankenboard :robot:


Sick build!

Well that’s terrifyingly small and adorable at the same time! Nice job making it a super clean build.

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Spraypainted logo commencing!

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Done :thumbsup:


Looks really cool! :sunglasses: How is the stability at high speed? What bushings you running?

It’s quite good, even when the trucks aren’t tightened very much. Since the trucks are the standard Enertion caliber clones, it’s also the stock bushings. They’re quite noisy though, so I might change them soon.

Love your build dude :grin: