The ideal commuter for the big fella!

Just getting into the eSk8 scene. Just received delivery of my 2nd eBoard, I want make the best commuter board for the big fella.

I received a WowGo 2S, and it was fun but 10s2p battery wasn’t really cutting it for the Sydney commute. (8km each way), medium hills.

Upgraded to 10s4p Battery and all was well range wise, hitting hills was painful and slow.

Upgraded to VESC 4.2, and all is good over amped the motors to about 40A, from rated 27A. And all is well conquers hills, great speed 30km - 40km down hills… but it’s a heavy beast and the Wowgo is in the large side.

So today I just got an Exway, it has the Riot pack, got it cheap on eBay, size is perfect, weight is on the light side could easily go heavier, but it just don’t push me up hills, and seems the AMP draw is limited with the ESC!.

(Turbo Mode on, 100% 4th Gear, Riot Pack)…

So I’m now here thinking what next? I want to upgrade to Exway… but what should I do to it?

Bigger belt motor, bigger hubs? Replace the ESC, with the Vesc? Get the Exway Hub motors? Increase the battery size in the Exway. By making it a bit thicker?.

The Upgraded wowGo 2S is almost perfect just need to make it smaller. The motors run a little hot, but their cheap to replace.

My immediate thought is to make a 12s4p 18650 pack and put the ExWay ESC in the WowGo2S so it has the app and all the goodness, Bluetooth remote etc and see how long those motors last!.