The JET SPUD 29" is back again! 😜

10s4p single 6374 jet spud. Campus commuter dream

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I’m curious how?

The single layer enclosure is big enough for 10s3p or 11s3p…?

@Deckoz lol you’d probably find a way to fit 11s4p with two focboxes

Maybe… but single layer isn’t that thick…

Guess it depends on ithe size BMS, or if it’s loop key or antispark… etc… 10 to 12s3p is probably the best setup for this enclosure, 10s4p is just probably too tight…

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I think I’m going 11S3P, just wodering if a 12S BMS could be used.

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For those interested in the enclosure:

I am told it will take about 3 weeks in order for them to be delivered to me here in the USA. Because of this, i think it only make sense to wait about another week and get batteries to go along as well. They will be 11s3p 30Q’s with a BesTech D140 BMS (bypassed for charge only).

Im hoping we can get this moving asap because i want to get everything ordered in order to ensure a timely delivery.

Let me know if you have any questions!

That’s a hell of a deal! $100 enclosure and only $252 more for 11s3p included! Does it come with a charger?

My brain is running on E and i forgot the charger. Thanks for bringing it up. Had to raise the price slightly.


$17. Sweet!

Does this battery come wired w/ a charge port? What about a power switch?

It comes with a charge port, but not a switch. Because the BMS is bypassed there is no switch

So if someone were to buy this + the deck , what else would be needed aside from a remote control , ESC’s , and a Drive Train?

… an anti-spark switch.

Ah forgot to add that on , that would be pretty much it right?

Yes that is it :smile:

After the Anubis I thought I was going to get out of the game… look what you’re about to make me do :slightly_frowning_face: any reconnections to good switches ?

I haven’t been into electric skateboarding for long, but @JLabs is already showing I am a weak man. Thanks for hooking us up! Looks like I have a project after I build my girlfriends board.

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Looking into what connections I’ll need on my FOCBOX. Will your 11s3p battery terminate in an XT60 or XT90?

@JLabs If you ever need to stock up on power switches let me know. I work for one of the largest manufacturers of these type of power switches. Any size. Any color. This link is just an example. We have black. Chrome. All colors. Sizes. Ect…

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They will be XT60 connectors on the battery

Only 7 left!