The JET SPUD 29" is back again! ๐Ÿ˜œ

Pm sent hehe

Hi, any updates ?

Any news on when these will ship?

I will be sending out an email update to all pre orders mid to end of this week with updates :blush:


Is there any update for this? Just wondering, since the last update re: the batteries was sent out a month ago.

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Here is the FedEx tracking number, it will update when they land in the US 782372194860

I have some family stuff going on and will be out for a few days as I need to be with them. This goes for the new pulleys as well. Sorry for the delay, but I need time to clear my head.


Looks like the batteries are in transit :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada:

I found myself riding the Spud more than other boards because of itโ€™s light weight :balance_scale:


How much does it weight? And what Antispark are you using?

18.2lb and I use the Antisparkheaven antispark switch from @goldenHusky, itโ€™s the only one that has worked consistently and itโ€™s also very easy to repair in case mosfets goes bad.


looking at changing my board to a spud board is there anywhere i can get one, thanks

Yep. Buildkitboards has them on sale right now for $65

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thanks @JLabs whats the shipping costs to the uk ? also looking for a decent enclosure that can house 2 5s lipos

Itโ€™s aboit $52 for one and like $65 for two boards. The @Eboosted enclosure is great on the boards


thatโ€™s a beauty !

Tis been delivered !

What brand of grip tape did you use

Vicious, the nicest grip tape, the one that looks cleaner longer, the one that locks your feet in place after a huge bump, but also the one that will tear your shoes appart and probably also your socks :socks:


Lol nice just order some

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