The Kic Board V1.0 I Chinese Build

I have finally decided to build an Electric skateboard. I have a pretty limited budget but I am a lightweight rider which i can probobly get away with some 3d printed parts and single drive. I will also laser ingrave the name of the board in the board. Pictures bellow.

These are the parts that have chosen for this build:




Bearings: Already have


Remote: Already have


Battery Charger x2: (I will connect the two chargers in Series to get enough voltage)


Motor Pulley:

Wheel pulley: 3d print

Motor mount: 3d print (if it doesn’t work i will buy one)

This will bring the total to around 6000Nok (roughly 750 Us dollar after tax and other expenses we get In Norway)@

If there is anything wrong with any of the parts please tell me because i am new to this:)

On the amazon link of the battery, here is one review:

1.0 out of 5 starsIt looks like a 4400mAh but its a 2200mAh ByHam Boneon May 1, 2017 Verified Purchase There is no description for the capacity of this battery. It looks like a 4400mAh but its a 2200mAh. I bought one because it looks like a 4400mAh battery. The most important thing about A battery is ITS CAPACITY!. I told them via email to put the battery capacity in their description but they choose to fight with me. “This your fault” “You make mistake” English not in their command

It seems like this battery is only 2200mah. That is not a lot of range and it doesn’t state if its 6s or 8s or 10s or 4s. I would look at this for your battery.

Your trucks look like caliber clones. For two bucks more your could get genuine ones.

For your vesc, you could get a better one for ten bucks cheaper here.

Hi, the Vesc and the authentic caliber trucks costs so much to send to Norway it is crazy. For the Vesc it would be 40usd.

The battery is 36v 2.2ah stated in a spec sheet about the maxfind board where the battery originates from.

2.2ah will not get you very far

@Decdog is right I have a 5Ah 10S 149kv setup and get 12 miles on mostly flat in regular cruising around (recharged 3.6 Ah after that day so still had some in the tank but not a ton). With 2.2Ah you’re looking at probably 5 miles or about 25-30 minutes of ride time before a recharge assuming you aren’t full throttle the whole time or in a place with hills. It will be lighter and cheaper but I’m always wanting more range.