The Kid-Flash Board | Aluminum drop-deck | Backfire | Ranger x2 Motors | Hub | 7s2p | ESC unknown

I’m building my 2nd e-sk8 board with my son. Owner of a Backfire Ranger X2 and love the motors. Bought a custom aluminum deck and had a custom grip tape made:

How do I program the VESC with the VESC tool with these Motors? I don’t know what size motor they are. I know they’re 165mm but I can’t complete the first step of the setup wizard wen one has to choose the size of the motor.


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I forgot to mention/make clear that I bought the Ranger X2 motors separately to build with this new board. I’m having trouble knowing their size so I can pick the right option on this screen:

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Go to wizard. Medium out runner. Put battery capacity. Wheel size Run detection.

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Hi Crisfell, you are so awesome. Thank you for helping me.

I left the VESC plugged into the battery overnight and it drained the battery - I think. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I recharged the battery correctly - not sure how I couldn’t be doing that right - and now the VESC simply won’t turn on. When I connect the battery to it, the lights blink on for a 2nd and then nothing. Unplug it, plug it back in, and they don’t blink on the 2nd time. I have no idea what’s happening. at a loss here.

I wanted these two boards to be ready for my camping trip this Sunday so badly but I just don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t figure this out asap.

Careful. Lithium batteries don’t like being drained past certain voltage. :fire:


What are you using for an antispark switch or a loopkey? Hopefully you’re not going directly from battery to esc?

I’m going from the battery to BMS to ESC.

So you have A switch somewhere?

I don’t. But I’m thinking of adding one right NOW actually. Would not having a switch or loopkey keep the board from turning on? I thought if it doesn’t have one then it’s just always on. I may be not following the logic.

Well I’m wondering if you popped your ESC by not having an antispark in place.

Is your bms charge only?

It’s possible I popped it - whatever that means.

I plugged in another battery and nothing.

Does a loopkey prevent sparking? Or is that a separate necessary item?

What does charge only mean?

This is my BMS

Plugging an esc straight in to your battery can sometimes blow it up. Not like a extravagant explosion just a pop. Rendering it useless.

I did try to connect th ESC to a battery to see if it would work but it didn’t.

I left it connected to the computer over night that first night. Thought maybe the battery got drained. Can’t tell if it has the right charge. My meter says just under 10v. It’s a 7s2p battery made with these:

Maybe I don’t have the right charger and that’s my problem. Here is the one I have:

Don’t do that :sweat_smile:.

What esc do you have

‘Did’ might be more accurate

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Right. I’m putting my wager on he popped it plugging it directly in.

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I don’t know if I popped it or not. How can I tell? It stopped turning on BEFORE I connected it to the battery without the BMS. IL

It could be that my battery is just dead. But then why wouldn’t it work when I connect it to my other battery?

Can you tell me more about an anti spark switch? Is that always necessary? How did I miss that? Can you direct me to another thread to learn more?