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The lamest skateboard

Almost everything I own I’ve found on the streets here in San Francisco and it was a nice surprise to find a compete new skateboard. Still partially in its plastic wrapper. But it has plastic trucks and they decided to put the trucks on after the plastic wrap! I will roll it to the bottom of the hill and leave it. Don’t think there are even balls in here bearings just bushings. This is the lamest board I’ve ever been witness to.

I think I can see the remnant of a Ross dress for less sticker. Don’t buy this board.

@Hummie it sorta breaks my heart to think that some kid was given a skateboard, only to find that it was unridable. Skate on little dude!

It’s from Wall Mart… - in case you wanna buy another :joy:

It makes me sad about how many poor kids will get one of the Walmart electric skateboards and be left with a pile of unsalvageable parts in about a month. Putting a bad taste in the mouths of parents and kids towards ESK8. These cheap things take away from the reputation of the good stuff. I could easily see a situation where a hardworking parent goes to Walmart and sees an electric skateboard. “Wow”, he or she says, “Only $300” But being poor, that’s a lot of money to put out. Parent gets the board a couple of weeks later it breaks down, customer service requires you to speak Mandarin, and the parent can’t afford to buy another. Plus they feel burned by the whole experience.
IMO Walmart sucks…Don’t give em’ your money.