The Lemon Lime Special | Caliber 44s, 83mm Flywheel Clones, eBay Deck | Dual 230kV 6355 Motors | 6s 8ah Lipos | Maytech 6s ESCs | Steez Controller | Custom Enclosure and Mount | 34/17 Gearing

Hey guys, I’m starting my first build and figured I would wait until my parts arrived to start the thread. Pretty much everything has arrived and I’m going to start working on a vacuum table to make a 1/8th inch abs enclosure and I’ll be making my own motor mounts. I’m super exited to get started on this! I’d also like to thank everyone on the forums for creating such a wealth of information, it’s awesome. Below are a bunch of pictures of my parts.

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Looking good! How are you planning to mount the pulley on the wheel?

I was going to just drill some holes in the pulley and make some sort of mounting plate for the other side of the wheel and bolt them on.

Its a great start! Don’t forget an anti spark switch / loop key, and a parallel wiring harness!

Nice. Are those maytech motors? How much did you pay?

It would be nice if you could post the links from where you got the parts. It seems like you found unbranded lipo’s. I’m guessing you are located in Europe? What price did you get from Maytech for the whole package? I’m guessing the Steez, escs and motors together?

There are some free STL’s (3D print drawings) so you have a good idea where to drill the pulley’s. This is going to be the hardest part in your build. They have to be centered perfectly… example:

Anyways, good luck with your build !

@t1m0007 @Skitzor, I got everything from Maytech other than the batteries which I got from a Chinese supplier, you can find all of Maytechs stuff on their aliexpress page.

Alright, so it’s been quite a while, I’ve been really busy so I haven’t been able to put in the time I’ve wanted to.

So after riding around on that board for a while I wasn’t really feeling it, so I ordered on of these.

I also replaced my yellow 83mm flywheel with the blue 90mm versions.

So far this setup has been pretty nice.

Then things started getting really busy at work so I couldn’t work on it for a few months, but today I took a few trips to Home Depot to try and make enclosures for all my stuff. When I went there I found a 5 pack of these cases for like 20 bucks!

They looked alright as they were, but I wanted a more stealthy look so I got some black vinyl wrap and covered the lids, It looks pretty good from far away.

Not great up close, but good enough for me.

After that I used a rotary tool to clear out some of the dividers on the inside to make room for my batteries.

Then I bought some kitchen drawer liner, and hot glued it to the bottom to make it a somewhat cushioned area inside.

Batteries fit nice and snug.

So initially, I figured I would drill some holes in the board, and bolt the enclosures on through them, but I found some 3M industrial strength velcro and decided to try that out instead.

They looked pretty good mounted on the board.

But when I tried to take them off, the velcro stayed connected and came off of the enclosure. It took me a while to get it lined up again, but after that I took some extra measures to make sure that it would stay on.

After I put them on the board it felt surprisingly sturdy and the batteries seemed nice and stable.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I decided not to make my own pulleys or motor mounts and ordered DIY’s kits, after that I just gotta get it wired up and I should be good to go!

I also ordered a Loaded Fattail.

Pretty exited about that too :grin:


So I wired everything up today.

Seems like it’s working, I’ll do some more testing later.


So I tried my best to finish this up today but ran into a bunch of issues :frowning:

I got all of TB’s mounts and pulleys hooked up, not sure how perfect the alignment of the wheel pulley has to be but I got pretty close to perfect. I also took off that vinyl wrap and plasti dipped the lids of the enclosures instead. Looks much better :smile:

The programming box I got wasn’t working with these ESCs for some reason, but I figured I’d just keep going with the default settings anyways. But on top of that, I found out that one of my ESCs isn’t working at all. Not sure why but it’s probably my fault…

Either way, I got it all hooked up to 1 motor, and finally gave this thing a test ride, pretty awesome! Didn’t hit it too hard because I don’t have a charger yet and I didn’t want to damage anything.

I figure I’ll just order another ESC, not sure whether I should just spring for some VESCs though, could anyone chime in on the kind of differences I would see with these ESCs versus well set up VESCs?

So today I took it for a longer ride, couple things learned. I’ll need to put more layers of plasti dip on to make it a bit more durable since right now its susceptible to chips from pebbles and stuff like that. Also, the industrial strength Velcro peeled off the enclosure, even with the hot glue, and cause the battery box to fall off. I think I’ll just bolt them on somehow instead.

Yesterday I ordered a couple of VESC’s and a bunch of XT90 connectors, all that should be arriving the same time as the Fattail so at that point I’ll probably start another thread considering most of the parts have changed.

Was wondering if you could link me to your gearing system, and has it worked well for you?

Here ya go. Its been pretty good so far, a little difficult to get the pulley seated just right on the wheel.