The Lioness | First build | Caliber Type Trucks | 83mm Purple Wheels | Winning Mini Remote | Vesc | 170kv Motor | 10s | 15t/36t

Hey all! I started my build last year but had to postpone it until now… :smile:

I’ve finally got my calculations done and got the parts list together. Could you guys check this for me to see if I’ve worked this out properly or if you have any recommendations for the parts that I don’t have yet? For the most part I’ve used the information and resources on this forum and YouTube to get me going.

I’m aiming for more of a hill & distance build rather than fast speed build as I will be tackling a couple of hills on my journey into the city and back (and going too fast proper scares me, lol). I’m aiming to have enough charge in the batteries to do that, it’s approx 3.5 miles to the city (so 7 miles total). The hills are not that big and more long than steep.

Going from the calcuations from this post:

and this one:

(yes I’m a bit of a fatty at the moment, but have already lost 10kg and continuing to lose more)

Here are my calculations from the{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:170,“system-efficiency”:80,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:83}|



(mostly getting these from the fantastic @fottaz )

Here is the hill gradient tool I used for my route into the city:

Start altitude: 25 metres End altitude: 12 metres Maximum altitude: 33 metres Minimum altitude: 12 metres Distance: 5.4 km Total ascent: 51 metres Total descent: 65 metres Maximum gradient ascending: 8% at 3.4 km Maximum gradient descending: 10% at 3.2 km

The only parts I haven’t totally decided on yet is the helmet, protective gear. I will be getting that nearer my completion of the build.

Once I’ve got all the parts I will do a wiring diagram before I start putting it all together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if possible help this girl out :blush:

Also, I’m based in the UK so I do prefer items I can get from the EU for shipping. Aiming to spend no more than £300-£400 more on the rest of the parts (not including protective gear).

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Be aware that Alien motors have a 10mm shaft diameter. Enertion pulleys are only 8mm.

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Man, try buying a battery pack, it comes with Bms and Switch and Battery monitor, if you buy at alien I can give you a discount coupon, ask for it in PM

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A Batterypack with proper 18650 cells alone is around 200 - 300 (or more) incl BMS wires and stuff. But it´s the nicest option too! So cheaper would be buying 2 5s batteries like you suggested and charge them with an imax b6 and check them with a low voltage alarm.

  • I have the same deck on my 6s and it´s a cool budged deck :slight_smile:

  • the winning remote sucks and could cut out suddenly if you´re unlucky (better get a mini remote)

  • aim for a 190kv 6374 motor with 8mm shaft because of what @rwxr said

  • go for the biggest capacity and C-Rating you´ll find for your budget! 20C is too low in my opinion - you´ll get a lot voltage sag on hills and drifting cells over time!

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@rwxr Ah! See this is why I always ask for help with new things like this. Thank you!

@IsTalo Great! I’ll pm you.

@TarzanHBK I’m liking the idea of a battery pack, I think I’ll go for one as I will definitely be more confident with it. Yes I have seen about the Winning remote, which one are you suggesting? I was considering an enertion remote but not sure when it would be delivered…?

**edit -batter pack? Meant battery pack. Whoops

A custom battery will give you a better experience! More range, more safety :slight_smile:

Of course you can. For simplicity get a Mini remote from @bigben, he´s in the UK too and should have one or two spare ones :slight_smile:

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Cheers @TarzanHBK I’ve got a couple. And a few other bits and bobs to sell as I have enough stuff now to build more boards than I have time for the time being… @chickasskick if you need one drop me a pm.


@barajabali have Battery Packs in Usa

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Alright, so I am going to do some research on some good battery packs instead of buying and building the battery, charger, display and bms separately.

@chickasskick yeh, I think it is possible to find some ready made…

Check UK and EU vendors… packs probably will cost in 200-300 eur range but at least they should be well made and shouldnt require much extra work!

Happy building!

Gosh it’s difficult finding a place that has them in stock.

Checked here for a 10s: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-10s3p/

Edit: Just spoke to one of their team on chat, they are not doing those any more. Have got a different range available.

or a 8s here: (they don’t do 10s?)

Where do you live exactly?

I will allow @PXSS maybe he has time and willingness to make one more custom pack, for a lady ! :smiley:

Ah but I do see you are from UK!

My suggestion to @PXSS wont work… but maybe he has some ideas.

Anyways… in UK there are a lot of ebike battery builders. They might help out with ‘welding part’·

But you got to decide how much do you want to get involved in battery process? When U ask someone just to make a pack for your with desired parameters, it is usually more expensive than just to give them the right components (cells) and then ask them to spotweld and maybe solder them up!.

I would ask AlienSystem personally about 10s… maybe they do have some

Then again, Does 8s system slow you down a lot?

Or you would like to use 10s for other reasons?

@EssEnn was looking for a welding service too and ended up getting his own spotwelder kit:

so you could build your own battery or maybe ask someone with a spotwelder from uk. I could build you one but I´m getting in trouble trying to ship to UK…

I spoke to the chat on the DIY site last night some more and they’ve put me (very kindly) on their email list as they are getting new stock in next week.

I can look into getting 8s instead of 10s, and perhaps change to a 190kv instead of 170kv motor? I will need to recalculate.

Basically if it’s in my budget and will get me where I need to go I am a happy chappy.

@TarzanHBK I don’t think I’ll be going down the route of welding. I haven’t done it before and do not have any access to the tools (not that I’m unwilling to learn though).

I can solder and am good at it so that’s parts fine. Welding just seems like another massive step for me at this point, plus another expense. I would rather just get a pre-built pack and know that I can trust it.

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Pack listed on Alien site looked somewhat well made and I think charger was also quite decent!

So you get a pretty well made solution straight away.

If you dont want to go after speed, I think 8s system might still work relatively good… but im not so good with longboards so u might ask this question to a few more people and yes just do some calculation…

Also I think 190kv motors are a bit more common than 170kv, but i assume u might get your motor from alien too (just for sound, sometimes they tend to be a bit noisy / loud? I think)

Otherwise should work quite okay!

Sorry for not reading everything… if you do come up you want that someone spot welds the cells for you, I can try to look up a few UK ebike battery builders, but then please contact me personally… as it will probably take a few messages to reach them and find out their situation.

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@Okami alright thanks! So many very helpful and kind people on this forum.

I’m going to have a look further at my options next week and seen what I can get.

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This site does 170kv motors and 10s batteries.

Currently looking at this one for the motor:

And this for the battery:

it´s @fottaz site, so maybe he could help you out with a few parts :slight_smile: Try to get at least a 10s3p, otherwise you´ll get voltage sags and these poor 25r cells won´t last long under the stress.

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Hi :slight_smile: Sure, if need help please write me a PM or [email protected]

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