The MasterCho Enclosure

After talking to @lox897 I remembered I forgot to post about my enclosure I got from MasterCho.

So after lots of talk between @MasterCho and I a few months ago, my enclosure was finally made and delivered to me. It’s a fiberglass (planning to buy a carbon fiber one later on) enclosure, and it’s fairly solid and stiff, a little flex when twisting it, but not much at all. I requested matte black, and it looks great in that colour. It’s one of the final pieces in my build, and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. Thanks MasterCho!


I wasn’t expecting less from him, kudos tonyou @MasterCho


@MasterCho can I interest you in building a custom enclosure for my somewhat unique build underway? See:

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Is the deck flexible?

No it is composite fiberglass polymers on the stiff side.

Ok, Nice deck. Let me do a quick mock-up for you. stay tuned

I was playing with the program :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know much about what to do with the rail indentations.

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That looks good, I can do some measurements tomorrow if you tell me what you need. Not sure how to incorporate, avoid, or ignore the grab rails. Can also post a picture of existing build with temporary Tupperware enclosure lol


@Airmacx, Is this a thread that shows Mastercho’s enclosures? :scream: Can I post some pictures here?

Sure thing.

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love those hydrographics !

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I have been asked. I have only two sizes(23" and 13" tall)available to make.


New design coming.


Nice! Look forward to your future designs. When I got the enclosure I was amazed, but I’ve never worked with something like it. How might I go mounting it to my board? Will using a normal hand drill do just fine? What screws would you recommend?

Thank you. Yes,the hand drill should work and I would use T-nuts with M4 screws and rubber washers.

It’s called " Home appliance EPDM rubber washer "

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Man sure this is posted already, but what are the width and height dimensions for the 23" and 13"? And dimensions for the design 3 to come? Thx

Design 3 mold will be available next week to do Resin Infusion.

Hope it helps. :relaxed:


Do you have a price list?