The Meepo v3 | 13s6p | Hummie Deck | BigBen enclosure | 2 x Flipsky 6.6 | Other boring stuff

Alright lads time to rebuild this fucker that snapped on me

I have no money for 2 boards (carve + speed) so this will be a carve + speed board (40+) using evolve trucks. I have been building/repairing/riding other people’s board for months now and I haven’t really gotten to rebuilding my broken board. But that changes now, as of now there’s no board that I ride daily that can make me feel uncomfortable at top speed and full throttle. So I’m going to build one that can hopefully not make me full throttle my whole trip to school. Shoutout to my NYC guys who want to race all the time!

27ce25ba6690b4e20b8344a96cea4eab2b098bea_1_375x500 IMG_7742

Its called a meepo v3 because its weak and it has nearly no power.

Parts list: Hummie wood and carbon deck (Thanks @Hummie ) 13s6p Sixshooters (the one and only @psychotiller 2x Flipsky 6.6 Old beatened up evolve trucks (Someone send me new ones so this board can look nice :wink:) Dual 6374s 192kv (@scepterr) Hopefully he comes back someday Doublestack enclosure from the man (@bigben) Custom cnced motor mounts by my not so secret santa/santee from 2017 @JohnA 16/60 gearing (for now) Some rave lights, thanks @ju_mpe_r for creating synchronized lighting

Pics will come later on, wasn’t even going to make a build log but why not right?


What kv you gunna run at 13s?

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Ah I left out some stuff, lemme update the post

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Aw shit, rip kiss of death :frowning:

Good luck! Parts list looks mint :heart_eyes:

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Haha yeah, I loved that deck, the hummie deck is a lot more flexy than the kiss of death on evolve trucks.

You still around? We should ride sometime :smile:

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Im upstate for school right now x.x

If I manage to get my cruiser up and running during Thanksgiving break, I’m game :slight_smile: