The MiniNova | Landyachtz Top Speed 34" | Dual TB 5055 190KV | 6s6p battery | 2x VESC | Caliber II Trucks | w/ custom carbon fiber enclosure

Finally got my parts in for my first build, so here goes nothing!

I’ve waited over 2 months for all of my parts to come in, but they are finally here!

Landyachtz Top Speed 34" Longboard Deck Dual TorqueBoards 5055 motors 190kv Enertion motor mounts and pulleys Dual VESC Zippy 3S Lipo 25c 50000mah (run in parallel for 6S power) GT2B remote and reciever Caliber II 50 trucks 83mm Pink flywheel wheels (Pink wheels ftw!!!) ABEC 7 bearings

I really wanted to build a long range board. So my idea was to use Torque Boards 5055 motors cause they work well with 6S power, and then when I have the money, build a large capacity 6S battery that will last. Maybe a 6s6p or 6s7p battery. Top speed isn’t really a priority, so I opted for the 190KV for more torque, oppose to the 280KV. These 5055 motors are really small. I was surprised to see how small they were. I really hope that the small motor size and low KV doesn’t end up making my board under powered, but I guess we will find out soon enough!

I bought a bunch of carbon fiber materials to fabricate a custom enclosure, which was a HUGE MISTAKE. With the amount of money I have spent on materials so far I could have just bought a carbon fiber deck from Enertion. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you are seriously thinking of fabricating something from carbon fiber, DON’T!!. It is really expensive!!! And not worth the time and money.

My original plan was to make my own custom wood/carbon fiber deck. I was going to cut a hole in my Landyachtz Top Speed deck and lay a top layer of carbon fiber so most of my components could fit inside the deck. Soon I came to the conclusion that this was somewhat overly ambitious for my first build. So i decided to use the materials I bought to make a custom carbon fiber enclosure instead (even though buying an plastic ABS enclosure would have cost me a fraction of the price, man do I regret buying all these materials). In the future I may still build this deck, but for the mean time being I’m going to keep it simple.


Assembled the Power and Drivetrain to lay everything out.

I really like how the pink wheels go with the blue Enertion motor mounts. I think it looks great!!


Today I started working on my mould for my custom carbon fiber enclosure. It’s not perfect but i think it will serve its purpose.

Here is a picture to give you an idea about how it might look like with the enclosure. Looks good so far!

Also, anybody here with experience in laying carbon fiber? I was thinking about covering the wooden mould in tape, so i can use the tape to make the mould sit flush with the board. I figure as long as i cover the tape with release agent, the enclosure should still release when the resin dries, and at the same time protect my board from any resin getting on it. Anybody think this is a good or bad idea lol? This is my first time laying carbon fiber.

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This is gonna be one sick build! Can’t wait to see it done and performance report.

Be careful when using carbon fiber. It interferes with remote/receiver signals

@Namasaki Thanks man. I’m really hoping since the board is wood that there won’t be any interference. Worst case scenario, I will find a place to mount the receiver outside of the enclosure.

I have my RC receiver mounted under a wood deck with abs enclosure covering it and signal is solid.

Here is my build thread:

Nice dude! Looks really professional!! I had an eye on your build last month, but this is the first time I seen it finished. I was actually thinking about mounting my LCD on the top side like you did, but might mount it on the enclosure instead. Undecided.

Ya, my build been a work in progress for long time. I used to have mine mounted on the enclosure but then I would have to stop and flip my board to check battery. Now I just look down. I was inspired by the Raptor design to mount the meter and switch on top.

Today I am going to attempt to lay the carbon fiber. I covered my wooden mould in tape and tapped it to the deck to make the enclosure sit flush with the deck. Then I covered the entire mould in release wax.

Then I laid 3 layers of carbon fiber, made a vacuum bag and vacuum sealed everything. It all went pretty smoothly.


NICE! Looks like it’ll be a great setup. Couple things to comment on and somewhat late to the party…

1 - motors. Dual 5055’s should work great. I ran dual 5065’s (200kv’s iirc) on an old setup and they worked GREAT for me. And i’m huge (6’8"/2m and 265/120kg), so no small feat moving me along. Gearing is key.

2 - CF. I disagree somewhat. yes expensive, but that’s because you went vacuum (simplifies, but $$$). Still a great project and skill to learn.

Also on CF/Epoxy - and likely too late if you’ve already begun - Packing tape and saran wrap/plastic-wrap are both good as the Epoxy doesn’t stick!

Will follow and look forward to seeing this build! Best of luck.

@sl33py this information is definitely not too late lol

Murphy’s Law - Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

So my first carbon fiber lay was a total DISASTER. I definitely spoke too soon when I said, “It all went pretty smoothly.”. I was completely done, literally walking away, already patting myself on the back when i hear a “SNAP!!”. When i came back I had seen that my wooden mould had collapsed. I screamed in frustration. I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard me.

The epoxy I was using has a working time of 70 minutes. At this point, it was way past 70 minutes. I had no other choice but to open the bag and try to fix it. I was able to wedge some pencils underneath the wooden mould to support it, which was only semi successful. At this point, I was also out of vacuum bagging, so i had to try and recycle the old bag i used earlier.

Here was the result:

If you look closely, you can see a dent on the right side where the wood is sagging.

On a positive note, this was a lot of fun and it was indeed a great learning experience, but now I am out of carbon fiber, vacuum bagging, and tape.

I really hope my enclosure doesn’t turn out too bad. I would like to use this one for the time being until i get enough money to buy more materials and give it a second shot.

Thanks for the info @sl33py, I’ll definitely look into packing tape and saran wrap.

S U C K !

sorry man - that’s no fun. Yeah, i was playing with vacuum bagging and it’s pretty impressive how much force it exerts on the deck! What i learned the first time is that Poly resin is AWFUL. Stinks, doesn’t stick to anything except itself… I ended up removing it from my board w/ just my hands and started over w/ epoxy the second time (and sanded to bare wood - i was an idiot).

I’ve since done some hand layup and will be re-trying some bagging next. I started small w/ reinforcing (and cosmetic) on some simpler decks (better than the blank wood and a bit stronger). Will be doing an enclosure next and might try vacuum again. But using solid MDF to make sure and support it fully and not have any collapsing issues like you saw here.

Your bagging material may be re-usable! Cut the butyl tape off of one side and if you have room to still squeeze the board in leave the other 3 sides? Or if you have enough excess to make it a bit smaller but still fit? release film - need new, but Breather fabric - you can use blue shop paper towels! It’s just there to soak up the excess resin. Doesn’t need to be the thick white fabric - just do several layers of the blue shop paper towels instead.

As for CF - i’ve found an ebay seller that has been really reasonable (not sure where you are at - likely only would work if in the US). Elite Motoring. I’ve also gotten from Fibreglast, but a bit more $.

Fingers crossed it’s ok!

I have a ton of pics and stuff i’ve learned playing with CF and epoxy. Using a quick copy/paste from @Rye’s “Ballerina Badass” build thread:

Will follow - good luck!

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Hey @sl33py I meant to ask you, 1- What receiver remote are you using? There seems to be a lot of chatter around the forum around issues with these 2- Did you notice any increase in issues with the CF deck? If not did you come up with a work around somehow?

Hey Rye! I have Kama/Weiceivers and GT2b’s. That’s it. GF loves the kama, but it does get drops in areas with lots of wifi interference (apartments along Alki where we ride). She likes the thumb throttle and doesn’t like the trigger of my badwolf GT2b’s.

I don’t have any CF enclosures yet. I’ve only done the bottom and top surfaces, but no enclosures yet. I plan on sneaking the Rx reception wire out a hole to get clear air and signal.

Awesome, cheers mate, good to hear no real issues with the CF deck or base!

Well. despite my wooden mould collapsing, I was able to salvage a pretty decent enclosure. All things considered, I think it looks pretty legit. #happycamper #firsttry


Here is where I shoved in some pens at the last minute to support the wooden mould after it collapsed. I cant believe I was able to salvage this disaster when it was well past the epoxy’s working time. The lesson to be learned here is to never underestimate the strength of the vacuum. When i sealed it back up, I didn’t have enough bagging to make an actual bag, so I had to seal it against the table, which caused the deck to flex when under vacuum pressure. Hopefully it didn’t do any damage to the deck. It seemed to go back to its regular shape after I released the pressure.


Today I used my Dremmel to cut out my enclosure. Not too shabby. My next step is to add another layer of epoxy to make it shinny.