The MKV #1 | sensored 6374 | VESC | Koston deck | Lipo 6S 10A | Psychotiller's enclosure

Yes, I found out that is a motor problem, by pulling the R-Spec wires when I have the FVT ESC plugged accelerating, it makes the motor clog a bit, so I guess there’s some partial shorting that is generating all that heat, also the upside is that the VESC works! I have to re-heatshrink it again and keep it ready for when the motor arrives!

Edit - update:

I replaced the RSPEC+ with the sensored 6374 from esk8-de, the motor detection is ok, I’ve also tweaked start RPM a bit more and it seems to start better, I still haven’t tested it on the streets because I had to go on holiday and I couldn’t bring it with me. I also ordered a sensored cable so I’ll try it sensored as soon as it arrives, I’ve read on endless-sphere and on another forum that sensors helps not only smoother startup but also braking as well and I’m willing to test the difference asap.

Here’s a pic I posted on another thread of my boards MKV2 and MKV1 side by side:


I actually bought a similar motor from DIY Electric and had the same problem. the magnets didn’t have enough glue so they just popped off and gave the motor a lot of resistance. I saw someone else just epoxy them back in place so I gave it a try. It worked, but I think the spacing between the magnets is slightly off. Now the motor hardly has any startup torque, but will still go about 23 mph tops with my 10s battery. Also the threading on the motor and bolts can strip very easily. Never buying these cheap hub motors again.