The most proffesional picture in an ad I've ever seen

Hands down to whoever made the first picture of this ad on ebay. Struggle to find anything that makes sense.


that board is huge :wink:

Hey at least you get a “Wireless Electric Powered Skateboard 4 Wheels Longboard Remote Control Motorized” for 179.99$

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How he holds the remote :joy:


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Sure it aint just a little dude? :joy: edit: and a small road? @Pr0dy atleast it has 4 wheels. also I got one of theese for 65euro from a store. had to try it… haha

@bartroosen12 we’ve been doing it wrong all the time… this is the way to go now :joy:


@Guacamoleface omg you are right!

the real breakthrough here is the incredible people shrinking technology they have developed

What if it was world expanding technology?

@DavidBanner @Pr0dy Also if you jump into the handle of the board you can see there is some kind of alter universe in the background of it. Maybe narnia?

@Guacamoleface We shall find out by trading currency for this piece of magic

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make sure you get it in writing that the portal generator that looks like a handle is both functional and safe before you send the cash

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So many Ratts!


Hahahah that never even came to mind to hold it that way

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Holy crap, this esk8 has 4 wheels?!? Wow, they must be getting into the big leagues now. I guess they’re done making 3 wheel ones

I actually saw another ad on the same board, same setup but apparantly it was dual-drive, Talk about sleek placement of the second motor. Cant even see it!