The most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the year(s)!

With MUCH elation and gratuitous excitement, I discovered this weekend that, after some 29 years… THE TOWN IS RE-PAVING OUR ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD and all the sub-sections adjacent to us! Yayyyy!

In a few months, I’ll be able to ride on THIS… instead of THIS

image image

Ahhh… this will lead to hours of 110mm bliss. :star_struck:


Congratulations, and happy days.

I’m finally going up to pneumatics for my rough rock roads, foamies aren’t even enough.

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Me living in Québec where potholes/roads are on a different level, Montrealers will know what i mean lmfao. Luckily in my city the roads are in better conditions (and got awesome bike paths i’m excited to try out with my future board)

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