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The MovPak is the first backpack you can ride to work

Found this on the internet just now

Heres a video

Lol you should leave it lost lol

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I dont know, that looks like it could be pretty cool. Kinda bulky, maybe they can slim it down though.

What? I mean, I’m just speechless right now. The claims looks impressive though, I’m almost certain the range and speed is depended on rider and load of bag.

naw m8 its shite. make your own vesc 12S 168kv board and tell indigogo to fuck off

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Please @Nate search and read before posting. Its impressive concept, but I dont think its a good eboard. And for sure its one hell heavy backpack to begin with.

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why not wear a backpack while riding? it protects you? Seems like a shit idea

Like we ain’t lazy enough

ok cool, got it.

I meant the idea sounds good on paper but its pretty silly come implementation phase. I just can’t see people riding a half bag half e-skateboard to and from work. Looks kind of like a inverted centaur.

It makes me wanna ride it in reverse and sit on it like a little kid …that bag looks like an awesome back rest

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The concept is nice. But I cant imagine my self on it. It looks ridiculous lol.

You have a bag + longboard. The board could be easily carried and stowed in the bag. You can hop it at your back or drag it along like a suit case.

To be honest is better to invent a backpack that can do this instead of integrating it all at once.

Pretty sure with a heavy load in the pack. That board can easily tripped over to the sides. Also no lively feeling riding a longboard.