The Namasaki Rebuild- 10s Lipo w/BMS, Dual Focbox and Carvon V2.0 upgraded to TB Direct Drive

@Namasaki took my board to the next level by hooking me up with his 10s Lipo w/BMS set up along with addition of the newly aquired FOCbox’s. I started with a poor 6s multistar battery that I actually broke on our first ride. I had to kick to get back and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was with minimal drag from the Carvon V2.0’s. @Namasaki was kind enough to let me ride his board that day and it put me on the ground escaping with only a nice knee scrape and some pant holes. I knew immediately my board was not complete.
The Images:

Dual Receivers

Recessed Nuts for FOCbox Mounting

Power Button through the board


How does it ride?

Wow looks great! I bet it’s a blast to ride, have fun!

Holy shit! “Pun intended” nice build but how many holes in total? I only have 4 holding my enclosure on! Are you planning to ramp this son of a bitch!

It rides very nice! I have not logged too many miles yet but on the flats it’s pretty fast. I have yet to max it out as I am scared!

What about hills

Better safe than sorry… it cuts the pressure down on each bolt and the plastic so it’s less prone to cracking

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I just use nutserts/rivnuts and mount the bolt from the top and nut on the bottom,less pressure on the enclosure, you could even throw a washer on there before the nut to hold the weight of the enclosure better! Just gives me easy access if I need to get in to the enclosure should something fail,a connection come’s loose or something over heats!

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Is there a tutorial for how you rigged your hard case batts? Im really impressed

@DevinG Yes. @Namasaki hooked it up and It is here.

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Of course namasaki i should have known. :+1: I swear i dont even read thread titles anymore. If it comes up as new or unread im there…

Late to the party on this one, but how did you wire your power button to the BMS power switch? Where did the + and - wires on that lead?

Update refresh with the help of @Namasaki ! IMG_20190413_154517 IMG_20190413_162556 IMG_20190413_170214 IMG_20190413_171838


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