Jared, Do you have video of the Tayto in action?!?!?

Not yet I will try and get some this weekend

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Looks amazing. would really like to get some myself. i like it that much that i would put my hgh for sale just to get it. lol. wondering about their functionality…

The Tayto’s have been under production for a few days and I just increased the order to 50pcs! I havnt had any time to ride my Tayto build but I got it partially gripped, I will be adding a few more hexagons later. image

Just as a reminder, once I receive the board the price will go back to the normal price, so pre order before hand if your interested.

If anyone wants complete high performance esk8 kits please contact me

I also have double and single stack enclosures that fit the Tayto and Spud. Please email me if interested


I had a bunch of interest in getting the Tayto into Europe. I wanted to organize a group buy so you guys can get them cheaper. Shipping one deck by itself is $54, so if you do a GB I will pay the shipping costs to Europe. I think @brenternet agreed to organize it so all payments will go to him, and then he will send one payment to me. Once he has the decks in hand you can work out the shipping cost for inside the EU.

So far I have: @sebaszz Tayto + DS Enclosure @Grozniy Tayto @sami Tayto @sk8l8r Tayto @brenternet Tayto @NAF Tayto + DS Enclosure

I also have single stack enclosure available as well ($109) DS are $129

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Damn that is a sexy deck. Can’t wait to get this build done.

Great… waiting for the details Any chance getting an estimate shipping to Israel? I would like to know the price before committing…

If you have enclosures, I would like a SS/DS also with @Eboosted gasket. Just one question: his SS enclosure is 35mm thick, so in theory it could fit 26650 cells?

I’m def. In :slight_smile:

Just an important one here Jared, I’m not going to be able to run a group buy at the moment, I’m away most of the next two months for work now (Ironically in the US).

Someone else will need to carry the flag, sorry gents.

@ jlabs Please reserve one double stack enclosure for me! I’ll be making purchase any day now. Not sure if I’d go with the spud or tayto.

One question …if you hold TAYTO in your hand does it touch the ground ? I know SPUD is small enough and wont touch the ground but I was just curious about TAYTO.

Wait… whos running it now?

You haha :grin:

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It does not touch the ground for me but I’m 6’3” tall, so if your much shorter you may have an issue.

@moon not sure who is running it. Need a reputable lvl 3 that’s interested

Hey mate! Any delivery estimate for us that order it on day one? You the best!!!

Ok after some research …I’ll be taking TAYTO.

I’m interested but it’s not cost effective for me to run it from Iceland :man_shrugging:

still interested as well

deck + ds enclosure

Sounds good!

@moon are you up to distribute the decks?

I’ll let you know tomorrow if I can