The New Raptor. How do we stand on it?

@onloop I feel like i may need to do a review of this new Raptor. I have to admit, its fast. But i’m not sure how you’re supposed to stand on it, and its probably going to need a pretty big carry handle. And the brakes look a little touchy. And there’s a guy sitting in it. WTF is even happening here? How are you going to park your 4Runner on this?


Star-Lord seems to really be enjoying his Raptor


Ho hell yeah!!! @onloop so glad to finally see a off road version of the Raptor…

@longhairedboy you don’t need big handle when you got 4 of them.

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so maybe me and my three friends can carry it into the 7-11? I’m just confused.

Is it still 10S? What kind of watt hours are we looking at here? Should i be trying to run this drive system at 12S too?

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Also i kind of can’t help but notice how much thane in on this one. Did @ChrisChaput have anything to do with this?

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I don’t like how loud that commercial was. It’s too cocky and aggressive made me feel insecure. Also, that truck is pretty poorly engineered. I can tell by the way the door hands are positioned.

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My boards have the same affect on some people.