The New trend on esb

New User: I want to do ____, can someone do it for me?

Old User: Search!

Random User: Here you go!

Everyone Else:


The reason that we always say search is because that’s what will help the new user learn more useful information in the long run… we do genuinely have your best interests in mind


I wonder how many posts on the same topic convert “random user” to “old user” :wink:


Search is the most educational tool we have here, and not because you can find an answer to your question quickly but all the information you have to parse to get to your answer. You learn lot more getting to the answer yourself than just being handed the answer. The people that spend hours pouring through posts to find what they need direct to search or in a certain direction because they know the answer is there, rarely to just shrug off somebody asking a question and stick around to help once you do find the answer


I get why some people are thinking that searching is annoying. It takes time, it forces you to read a lot of things. And sometimes the information is buried quite deep.

But it also gives you a looooot of information, and I think you often learn way more by searching, as you won’t only read the answer to your question, but you’ll often read things related to your question too. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the forum, without doing anything but reading. Now I’m able to build my first board.


exactly what i was about to say!

This is the problem I’m trying to point out. if YOU KNOW what topic would help them, then search for it, link it. mods can combine if appropriate.

But sending everyone to find the gold needle in the continuously growing and mostly irrelevant haystack is pretty useless…

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This is kinda silly logic. If someone asks a simple question do you point them to the library?

I enjoy helping people who ask questions because it costs me very little time and saves them a lot of time. What would of happened if the guy who invented the wheel never shared it and told everyone to figure it out for themselves? We all stand on the shoulders of giants. If I can save someone some time answering a simple question maybe they can spend their time learning something else and when I need help they can save me some time and help me.

Just my 2 cents.


Can we make it a community thing to give out ridiculous ‘blueprint’ parts lists?

Oh, you’re looking to do a budget build that’s good for 15mph on flat land and has a range of at least 5 miles?

At minimum you’re going to need: 4x Maytech 90mm hub motors 4x FOCBOXes 1x 12S4P 30Q battery pack

Don’t come back until you’ve bought the parts…


Should be belt or axial direct drive (Carvon) though

It’s not really the users, it’s the site and how it’s setup, orr…not setup.

No stickies/pinned topics is the biggest issue here imo. Categories should be on the home screen.

Each category needs index threads, with links to direct people to what they seek, or what they didn’t even know existed…

Said index threads need to be locked, and pinned and can be added to by asking a mod.

The home screen shows latest posts topics instead of a welcome page or category page or a how to use the site walk thru.

That’s why people post random crap on whatever thread is at the top.

And don’t search, because there isn’t any sticky thread showing how to search. -yes, you have to show people…

The search function does work well though…

I’ve used it a ton.


This is a big issue. Some topics should be pinned, or we should have a pinned topic with all important threads/must-read, organized in categories. This one is old and not up-to-date…

I think teaching other people to search first before asking is saving and teaching person ability to found out stuff themselves rather going around and asking everyone for the help… At least it’s my point of view at work with new junior developers…

You can only ask someone help if invested at least 15mins in search for the solution.


are you trying to make a bad joke or is your description completely true?

I’m pretty sure he’s being sarcastic. The point is that if new users are so lazy that they refuse to at least try to find an answer before posting their question, we should give them advice that will result in a build that is way overkill for their purpose and if they are dumb enough to take the advice it shows they haven’t researched at all and deserve to overspend on their board.

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Right on the money. Worst case scenario, they build one hell of a board after going a tad over budget.


Agreed. The reason we love and encourage usage of the search bar is because it finds that gold needle for you, which is preferable to mods having to continuously clean up the irrelevant or repetitive topics that people make when they don’t use the search function.

sometimes. but its not always the case.

these topics will fall into the abyss where they belong…

I think I made my point. can we lock this before it get derailed?

on second thought, we can rename it to search or thread? and sticky?

That random user is me sometimes…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That or they will blow up their canbus on a dual by powering each Vesc up individually. Got to have replacement parts in stock :stuck_out_tongue:

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