the-NEWS-board | 6355 FLIPSKY motor | FOGBOX | 1s10p battery salvaged old cells | Flywheel CLONES | Total cost - aiming under 300 US

This is a uild thread for my next board.

It’s going to have aFlipsky 6355 200 kv motor and a 1s10p batterey.

Parts I have

Motor: FS 6355 broken magnet. Will probably glue it back in place.

Battery: salvaged laptop cells 1s10p

Trucks: Paris

Bushings: Paris stock

ESC: the FOGBOX or hobbyking cheap esc

BMS: Smart-BMS chinese

Wheels: Flywheel clones

Deck: Wooden plank 55"

Remote: on and off switch

Enclosure: Lunch box

Parts I need:

xt60 xt90s Wire Garniture Paint Glue

What do you guys think?

btw. the other forum is down. Feel free to discuss that and my build.


Too many users fleeing the administration I think. Build looks good but I would be going for better cells in a 3p config. Other than that cool as.

There is no way this parts list is under 400. Right now you are looking at easily 700 to finish it with thr cheapest stuff

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I’m building this one with Love.



ok. thanks. went with a smaller battery.

Noooooo dont do that. The battery should really be the most expensive piece of any board. If the battery sucks, the board sucks.

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If you want to make a budget board, dual motors is not the way to go. Ultra cheap would be a single 6374 setup

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Ok. 10jason

switched to 1 motor

What do you mean by “remote: on and off switch” ?

Just might skip the remote and turn motor on or off. Gonna be a hell of a challenge!

great idea. i’ll just take the 18650’s from old laptop batteries. will save my a few bucks for stickers.

Accidently dropped the flipsky motor in the toilet and the harvested cells shorted out.

Not really feeling this build any more lol.

When will the forum be up and running again @longhairedboy @mmaner ?

Happens to the best of us. Wait, what?


oh the wait


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That’s where the motor is. Not gonna pick that one up any time soon.

Not sure, been trying to get ahold of Damon.


K thanks. Until then I’ll just sit here and update this thread.

what on earth is going on in this thread lmao

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