The next build.. (direct drive help?)

Hey guys,

Just looking for some help. I love how clean the Raptor looks with it’s hub motors but I’m wondering what opinions people have on direct drive instead? Which is better for both top speed and torque? I’ve seen on youtube videos that hub motors aren’t very good for hill climbs.

Help would be appreciated :slight_smile: Recommendations would be great aswell!

Cheers, Dan

@Hummie hubs in 4wd or R2.1 hubs in 4wd will be plenty for hill climbing

The thing is I kind of prefer the direct drive option because then I have the ability to change the wheels :frowning:

Than all is clear. Go with direct drive not with hubs.

Direct drive is better than hub motors, but a transmission is better than both of those for most circumstances, whether it’s gear, belt, or chain

I’m not sure of any brand names that do direct drive. Can you help?

I currently have a belt drive setup and understand that gear ratios will make a difference to how the board reacts. I just like how clean the hub/DD systems look!

For clean looks, hub motors are great. But I don’t think they are great for much more than clean looks or stealth.

@torqueboards https:///products/torqueboards-direct-drive-motor-kit


Hubs or direct drive have. Less maintenance. More reliable. Quieter. A bit better control

Well, there is the TB direct drive. I have one pre-ordered and it should be here soon, but I kinda want to sell it to be honest because it was kind of an impulse buy. I got it for $600 b/c it was a Black Friday deal, but I would sell it completely unopened for $575 + ~$10 shipping. I’d add my ABEC 11 107 wheels too for another $100 since I have pneumatics now.

I also have a FocBox Unity I would sell with it too. I will not sell that separately. I would have to charge what I paid for it though which was $250 after shipping. So $925 for the wheels, DD motors and Unity. I guess I could just make it $900 even and give free shipping if someone bought all of them at once.

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@MrDGOrman for dd your options are Carvon, Torqueboards, Metasurf, Elofty, and some other new entries.

Your best option is the Torqueboards dd when it comes out in the near future. Gives you time to save up some cash too.

U still have all this for sale?

Sold. Btw If you want to ask a question on an old thread to a specific person then you should DM instead of bumping the old thread

Noted! And thabk you