The nicest hub motors! For sale cheaper than anywhere!

Some Sharkwheels up front :wink:

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Just another opinion. I also agree that equal sized front wheels would be awesome. How about selling the motor without the stator windings and magnets so its just the core + bearings + barrel to which we attach the same urethane wheels over? I think there’d be a market for that and it would even out front + rear grip issues and create some awesome looking symmetrical builds while offsetting cost and weight of some 4wd setups (if that would be overkill with these motors).

Also, how does the motor lock onto the axle and prevent the torque from winding it loose?

Thatd be very diy. I’d like to get them that way myself.

@Pylonflyer those wheels stacked as in the picture looks like a great long wheel. If the axle were long enough. But I rode today and I like it as is! I want to get back to a parking lot later tonight to try again after I loosen the trucks. The wide single wheel was different to ride and added to the difficulty turning but it was good! I only had the motor amps set to 70 and battery 40 so it had little punch and I’ll up it to 140/50 and see if I notice torque steering.


Fix the pics! :slight_smile:

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lol u got one oversized wheels…

File it under “weird but works”. I’d rather this than two

Reminds me of my ex gf that had one tit bigger than the other.


Haha. But you liked her anyway!


Schwarzenegger voice

“It’s not a tumor!”


Put a surf rodz rkp with axle extensions and wide offset wheels on one truck, and dual hubs on the other, they probably would be pretty close in width. I have a setup like this at home, I will measure it.

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you could do that and I know a lot of people want the symmetry. Especially with the single long motor and 3 other regular sized wheels it’s strange looking but it works and when you’re riding and you’re used to it …it more than works.
But I had my vesc set to do pretty low power and tomorrow I’ll crank it up to real power and see how it handles and if there’s torque steering occurring.

43 battery amp limit and 191 motor amp limit will get me to 1500 watts with 0.04 ohm resistance of the windings, and the 9s pack 35 volts. will see how that does within 12 hours.

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you need to put these things on some penny trucks so they aren’t so wide and turn better. :wink:

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penny board at 30mph is too much/ maybe a longboard with the head or tail cut tightly to the side and some narrow trucks. Could be done but I like it like this so far. loosened the trucks and put some real power in tomorrow and then decide.

I didn’t say put them on a penny board, I said use some penny trucks. they would be nice and narrow and probably perfect track for those wide motors.

aha yes you did. good idea.

heres my "not an artist"s impression


nice. you got me looking and the Randal dh trucks come in 125. I still just want to run one though and would rather it stick out then cut my deck so there’s no wheelbite. It’s all about how it handles and will have to see tomorrow.