The Nimbus, Lanyachtz Evo build Dual 6374 12s

Been wanting to build a faster longer range than my Raptor.

I got most parts in Im just waiting on some risers to come in and I need to get some stuff from the hardware store like nuts and bolts to finish mounting the battery encloser.

-Landyachtz Evo deck -Torqueboards 218mm trucks -Torqueboards 6374 190kv x 2 -Torqueboards 12s4p 30q battery -Torqueboards 12mm 16t Motor pullies -Long Haired boy 33t wheel pullies -Evolve Abec 11 107mm F1 wheels -Enertion Focbox x2 -Enertion motor mounts x 2 -Shred lights front and rear -Bones Super Reds bearings

Can’t wait to try out this beast


The Nimbus, Sounds like a bit of Harry Potter inspiration.


What enclosure have you got on there and what risers are you running?

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Actually more of a Dragonball Insperation lol


I have the Torqueboards encloser but I’m going to reinforce the encloser. I’m also gonna run another 1/2" riser for a bit more clearance for the battery.

Cool, I’m building off the same deck and making an enclosure to fit so I’ll be interested to see how you get on. Is the battery single or double stacked? @Battosaii

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unfortunately the battery is double stacked but im gona use risers to get a bit more clearance. i think i should be okay though ill just need to becareful with speed bumps

I’m trying for single stacked, either 12s4p or 10s5p. Enclosure is long and slim.

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i would have preferred the slim configuration but i got this battery on black friday for really cheap so im gona make it work since its a good battery.

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So I had some time after work and I wanted to mount the Torqueboards encloser and I did not like the mounting hardware at all it looked sub par. I also read about how the mounting holes on the encloser tend to fail. I used flat aluminum stock cut drilled and shaped it and layed it across all the mounting points to spread out the pressure. I also changed the scews to standard truck screws and nylock nuts so that it can’t vibrate loose and if I need to remove the encloser out when I’m skating all I need is a standard skate tool.

Tell me what you guys think


I was thinking about using two metal beams as a support as well. My last abs enclosure started cracking after a month of use.

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Yea I hope it holds up well. This deck does have a bit of flex to it, it’s just a hair of flex I think this will help me on long rides I thought the deck would be stiffer but it’s not as I imagined it. The tesseract deck has no flex at all almost like the Raptor deck.

The landyatch Evo having flex waaaaaat how heavy are you I have experienced 0 flex even if I jumped on it

Hmm not flex like a boosted but it has a bit of movement maybe I’m just used to the Carbon deck on the Raptor and wood will always have some give to it. But yes I am a heavy guy.

You look like you weight as much as one of my legs beanstalk the EVO has a slight flex at my weight. Nothing bad though. Having zero flex it why I own three CF decks. But that will change

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I weigh 180 LB tho

Perhaps the flex on the evo comes more from the neck and tail area where it is thinner? The aluminium is going to act more like washers I’d guess and the parts where the bolts aren’t probably won’t do much. Perhaps some thin adhesive foam rubber along the length to grip?

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Yes that’s where I see the small about of flex so my encloser and battery are fine.

She’s pretty much done and all wired up. I’m really happy how it turned out now I just need to take out on the first ride.


Tested the board today at a park today and woah! This machine is serious, I’m currently running 80 motor amps and it has so much torque even with 16/33t gears and 107s