The NooB | Subsonic Shadow 37 | Caliber 2 | Flipsky 6354 | DickyHo Mounts | Ownboard 10s2p x 2 | Flipsky Dual 4.2 | DONE!

The Intro

As it says… the name of this project is The Noob… First board… first build. I’m not a longboarder/skater… but I do snowboard quite a bit… Hopefully that experience will help with learning to ride :smiley:

The Plan

Mostly building this board as a commuter. I work in a downtown area and the parking rates are crazy. I figured that I could park at a bus station a few miles away from work and ride my board in.

I tend to go a little crazy with my hobbies and I fully expect I will want to build another board after this one. My plan is to build this one with parts that could possibly go on a shorter deck in the future… and upgrade this one with higher quality/more powerful parts.

The Parts

Part Model Notes Status? Cost
Deck Subsonic Shadow 37 Ordered 151.80
Trucks Caliber 2 44 Degree Ordered 39.12
Wheels Abec11 90mm Reflys Ordered 81.95
Battery Ownboard Samsung 10s2p x 2 Ordered 300.99
Charger Ownwheel 42v/2a Bundle with Battery Ordered
Enclosure Ownwheel enclosures Ordered 38.00
ESC Flipsky Dual 4.2 Ordered 372.60
Remote Flipsky Nano Remote Bundle with ESC Ordered
Switch Flipsky AntiSpark Pro Bundle with ESC Ordered
Motor Flipsky 6354 190K Bundle with ESC Ordered
Bluetooth Flipsky Bluetooth Module Bundle with ESC Ordered
Motor Mount DickyHo Short Mount/Idler/Cover Ordered 45.00
Motor Pulley diyelectricskateboard 16t 12mm Ordered 19.50
Wheel Pully DickyHo 36t Ordered both 15mm and 12mm Ordered 35.00
Belt DickyHo 290mm belt Ordered 4.00
Bushings Riptide - FatCone, Chubb, Cannon 93a Ordered 39.20
Total: 864.29

Undecided parts

Deck - I’m not sure what to pick for a deck. I’m 210ish pounds and will have another 10 pounds in gear when I ride back and forth to work. When i snowboard I’m a big fan of laying out big, high-g, carves… my guess is I’ll also enjoy that style of riding on a esk8.

  • Assumptions
    • Will need a stiffer deck for my weight
    • Will want a longish deck for stability
    • Will want something that my feet can really grind into

Wheels - Everyone recommends the Abec Flywheels… now I’m just worried about size. I’m leaning towards a 83 or 90mm wheel… top speed isn’t a real priority… I think I’d prefer torque.

Motor Pulley - 15t or 16t?


  • Am I missing anything major from my list of parts?
  • Any parts that are NOGO?
  • Any Suggestions?
  • Deck recommendations?
  • Wheel Thoughts?

Thanks for reading my wall of text!

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I’ll let @Jake2k17 handle it lol.

Check out this deck, it is very much like a snowboard in design and feeling. I would also go with the Flipsky dual 6.6, the 4.2 has had some problems, as well as the flipsky motors. If you want cheap motors, go with sk3 (Hobbyking). If you want better quality motors, spring for dual 6355 Torqueboards motors. Bigger wheels are always better, so you should grab the 90mm flywheels, and 16 teeth motor pulley will be slightly better for torque.

The motors etc have been ordered already hey? Good deal that too. The 4.2 is a bit funny on 12s I believe but 10 should be fine. They have good back up though so hopefully you should be good.
With that little battery you are not going to be running high amps so you’re not going to be breaking any speed records or indeed stressing out the esc too much. It will be the first thing you upgrade later though. (the battery) I weigh in at 220lbs and the vanguard is just a bit too flexy for me. If you know anyone with a boosted have a go on it and see what you think. I like the sector 9 bintang better for my weight.

image For laid out carves you want some dkp trucks be honest. Shame you already ordered the mounts because evolve trucks with @marcmt88 mounts are the business for carving about but you could go dkp up front and caliber on the rear just like this guy did.

Good luck and keep the thread updated with pics please.


10s2p is not gonna deliver much power without noticeable voltage sag. You really need a min 10s3p and preferably 10s4p or higher.

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I just installed a flipsky dual 4.2 on a deck, make sure you don’t go over 30a for the max motors or it will cut out…

Good luck!

My only suggestion is if you like the board tilting aspect of hard carving on your snowboard then you may want to consider caliber 44’s instead of 50’s. High G+high speed carving on 50’s kind of feels like shit lol… i come from a wakeboarding background so I prefer my whole body and my feet to roll and lean as one. On 50’s you will be doing a lot more leaning in your ankles to compensate for lack of board roll/rotation! So you should either 3D print or buy some wedges to lower the kingpin angle or get some 44’s. I genuinely believe they will better fit you riding style. Good Luck!


I bought a nice bamboo cruiser deck from amazon. About 10” wide and 31” in length. Nice compact size. Feels light and rides amazing.

Yeah… i did a bit of reading on up on the Flipsky Dual 4.2… it looks like as long as I stay with 10s batteries and in BLDC it should work out fine. I’ll be stick to 10s while I get comfy on the board. I’ll keep the Motor recommendations in mind when I start upgrading this board :smiley:

I’ll take a look at the Sector 9 Bintang… the price seems to be a lot lower than the Vanguard.

I haven’t bought the trucks yet… I’ll look into running DKP up front and Calibers in the rear.

Thanks for the recommendations!

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Hmm… 44’s are still an option since I haven’t purchased trucks yet. I’ll do a bit more reading into the difference… Thanks for the heads up!

What years the WRX? I’ve got a 2010 Hatch

Caliper rears will not be the same length as the evolve dkp trucks in the front if you go with that build, you would need to get the Tb 218 trucks if you want the same width

All good my friend. As I said all you will probably want to do is upgrade the battery to a minimum of 4p so you can run some more amps through there. Good start though.

Thanks for the headsup on the Flipsky problems… My understanding is that with the 4.2 as long as I stay with a 10s battery in BLDC they should run decently for a beginner/intro board and most of the motor problems came from the 637x motors… I’ll keep the motor suggestions in mind for when I upgrade.

I was leaning toward the 90mm wheels… sort of a goldilocks pick. I’ll also pick up a 16t motor pulley… any suggestions on what vendor to go through?

It’s not just the 12s problem

Read here:

check out this deck.

so flexy you can jump on it and hit the ground no problem. closest thing ive ridden thats a smooth and flowy as a snowboard.

as for wheels, its all about application, if you plan on riding bumpy, holy, rocky roads, go big. if its smooth paved paths, go small.


broooooo fr? So I’m so sad, I sold it about 3 weeks ago. Had it since i was 15… 2009 Hatch. full sti drivetrain swap out of a 07 JDM imported wreck, blouch 440 @25psi on E85. Fortune auto coilovers with 25mm F&R sway bars and a 2015 Sti steering rack with some 17x9 Enkei RPF1’s on michelin PSS’s! Car was a fucking riot. Since college i just don’t have the time or funds to support it anymore. Sold it to one of my best friends though! So I get to keep an eye on it now :slight_smile: an IAG stage 2.5 Short block is about to go in it lol good shit…image image

Sorry for taking over the thread with car shit, you just excited my old interest!


You can get some flywheel clones off amazon for about $20. The real thing is way more expensive and honestly the clones work just fine. You can get a motor pulley from anywhere, Torqueboards or buildkitboards will work fine

clones work fine, but the ride quality is night and day. for me its all about small details sometimes.

Everyone says clones are fine but I’ve killed cores in literally 6 different wheels from 3 different sets. So literally half the clones I’ve had I’ve broken the bearing housing part of the cores. Granted… I slide them stupid hard and frequently buttt I’m only 125 pounds so I just cannot recommend clones anymore. I got 83mm abecs about 2 weeks ago and that classic thane can be slid all over the world which is great and so far the cores are holding up great. Yes it’s 2 to 3x as much but it’s genuinely worth it on safety, especially with him being over 200 pounds. It’s also worth it for ride quality and slide/grip consistency. I’d just suggest getting some real abecs or some wheels with kegel cores. Clone cores just cannot be trusted!

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Board/Trucks/Wheels/Bearings have arrived! Put it together to confirm that I have major wheelbite… will need to get some spacers.