"The only thing your enclosure should be holding up is itself"

I’ve read this statement a few times on here.

I guess it means that you should secure your battery/vescs to the bottom of the board THEN put the enclosure over it all…

But batteries are heavy - how do you achieve this? Am I just underestimating the power of glue/tape/velcro?


I have everything secured onto my enclosure and then the enclosure on the board with a lot of nuts and bolts


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If you take a look at all commercial boards they all have their electronics on the enclosure

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It’s a mixed bag. Everyone has a different opinion on this.

The main fear is that attaching the battery to the enclosure will eventually cause undue strain on the mounting holes, causing them to crack or break. But this doesn’t always happen, for multiple reasons: 1. enclosure made out of bombproof material 2. battery is small 3. reinforcement around the mounting holes.


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But as long as the enclosure is strong enough and its securely on the board, it should be fine.

thanks @ARetardedPillow @scrapheap

my enclosure is fiberglass made by @Eboosted for a 10s4p battery

TRUTH. People who mount their shit in their enclosure probably also drive slow in the fast lane and don’t know how to use their mirrors…Or eat string cheese whole. Or wear velcro shoes…Or think channel trucks are suspension trucks.


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What do you use to secure the battery/vescs/everything to the board?

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Industrial velcro here

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Velcro strip.


The usual consensus is industrial velcro or double sided servo tape.

Just remember to have some sort of vibration dampener between the electronics and the board.

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Uhhh cvs velcro for the batteries

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I use either industrial/outside rated velcro or 3M double stick tape. Velcro is thicker if your short on head room, 3M tape makes it a PIA to remove anything.

The theory is that the enclosure is a shield to protect your components, not a structure to hold your components. That being said, I have built boards where I mounted everything in the enclosure and then bolted the enclosure on. In practice its a lot easier to work on a board when you can remove the enclosure and all the components are in place.

For thinks like charge ports and volt meters that normally get mounted/recessed into the enclosure I use quick disconnects so I can fully remove the enclosure.


I confess, I do this. If my food is that much work it should still be bleeding :slight_smile: … but I mount my shit to the deck.


@psychotiller i don’t think that mounting to the deck is a universal requirement. most trampa builds mount the electronics to the enclosure.

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