"The only thing your enclosure should be holding up is itself"

Thx @mmaner - is it fire retardant? If you caught a case of thermal runaway it seems like neoprene would be nice fodder for the fireworks. Awesome that it’s already got adhesive!

I honestly have no idea. As its a rubber compound I would assume it would just melt.

If I have a battery explode under me, i’m not worried about flame ups…I’m gonna ride it like a rocket in to space and go out a fuggin legend! :slight_smile:


@mmaner lol you are LEGEND!

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I have built both types. infact I have builds with no enclosure as well. and I have had success with all of them.

however… i can see that a weak enclosure would break from trying to support the weight under skate vibration stress.

strong enclosure though… no problems.


The moral of this story is…

Pick up your board and bash it against a concrete wall wheels-first as hard as you can for 30 minutes. Because that’s exactly what happens to it while riding it. If it doesn’t break, you’re golden. No matter how you built it.


What about swappable batteries?

who said this dumb stuff?

shit goes into the box with adhesives, box bolts to board.

the box becomes the battery case… the box is the shell, the armor. IF the sled falls the stuff needs to go with it not stay stuck on the board. Literally every commercial option does it this way. Enertion, Evolve, Arc Boards… nobody but DIY seems to fasten things to the deck then cover it.

It’s a perfectly valid method, and i’ve done it, but its certainly not the only correct one.


Laughed way to hard when I read that… I need friends :grin:


Following. I definitely ruined my enclosure holes with the goodies being carried by the enclosure. I don’t see it happening with my cake pan but with the plastic enclosure on my Concave deck it became a serious problem. It wound up dragging on the ground eventually. Which is why I decided to use string :joy:. So I’m going to be building a new one with fiberglass when I get the replacement deck. I will be toying with the idea of securing the battery to the deck. I liked the tape idea with foam. Problem right now is that the battery pack is essentially the enclosure and it doesn’t want to come out.


the spacecelll pro3/4s seems to be too brittle as I’ve seen numerous cracks and breakages. I had mine converted into a “regular” battery pack when I started noticing stress cracks forming around the bolts. The enclosure I have for the next build is made of fiberglass. I haven’t decided on how to mount yet


The deck is the strongest part of any build. Unless it’s made of carbon fiber. Think about that for a minute. Then do whatever the hell you want. My way is the best.


It really does depend on each specific build, my all cf build has the battery sandwiched between foam on the deck and foam on the enclosure, the battery is free floating, I have 0 flex to contend with but do need to mitigate vibrations that can rattle your fillings out :yum:



The deck isn’t the strongest part of all builds. I’ve broken a deck while the rest is still totally functional.

I think that’s what he meant, typo :yum:


I’m with you on this. All my components are in a fibreglass enclosure and bolts to the deck with m6 bolts and wood inserts. It’s not the only way but works for me, perhaps because I have confidence in the guy who built my enclosure… Each to their own i suppose, perhaps some horror stories from people who have had problems with either method?


fiberglass is the shit. IT has all the benefits of lightweight plastics for the most part but also has the added benefit of being paintable, sculpt-able, and body-filler-able. Basically you can work on it the way you would do body work on a car and its just easier to deal with.

just make sure you have good masking or dust management when cutting or you’ll die of choking.


I’ve used fibreglass for about 30 years now and generally aim to look as much like a spaceman as I can.


i see @psychotiller is computing up a clever response. I wonder if i can slip in a joke about his mom before he finishes posting…


I’m sure there are exceptions, Like if you router out the bottom too much or buy walmart decks. But relying on a thin flange and m4 screws spaced out to hold 10+lbs of expensive electronics is stupid no matter what your enclosure is made out of. ( And I haven’t had any abs enclosures fail on any of my builds.)