The Orange Firefly | Turnigy SK3 6374-192kv | 10S3P 25R | VESC 6 | 3D-printed enclosure & motor mount | Custom deck

Greetings from Denmark,

Last year I build my first electric longboard, with inspiration and information from you guys! Thanks for all the amazing builds and information avalible on this forum, its amazing :slight_smile:

I have been riding my board for a year now, and borrowed it to my cousin a few weeks ago. He road it for a few miles, and of course fried all the electronics :smile: That gave me a new opportiúnity to create something new and hopefully better.

So far my build will contain:

  • 1 Turnigy SK3 6374-192kv motor
  • 30 Samsung 25R 2500mAh (10S3P)
  • 1 40A 10S BMS
  • 1 Vedder Antispark Switch with 40A/50A fuse
  • 4 83mm ABEC 11 clones
  • Custom remote with NRF24L01
  • A VESC 6.4
  • Custom deck
  • 15T and 40T HTD pulleys and belt

The deck is designed in Inkscape, and milled out with my X-Carve from Inventables - a most usefull machine! The deck is made of some glulam I had in stock.

It came out pretty neat, here is a picture of it with some wheels and trucks mounted!

I plan to cut out a pocket for the batteries and all the electronics, and build a cover/lid that fits right on. All done on my X-carve of course :smiley:

I am planning to cut out som risers for the trucks in some high quality wood, and making a motor mount out of some 5mm aluminium profiles I have lying around.

What do you think so far, anything I could improve? Looking forward to hear your opiones :slight_smile:


I’m interested in how the risers come out. I need me a pair also. And very nice design with following the grain of the wood. Also how thick is that board?

It may be advisable to set an Erpm limit of 60,000 when setting up your vesc if you go with the vesc-x Using that high a kv motor with a 10s battery may otherwise lead to some issues.

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I will post a picture later today :slight_smile:

Thank you, I like it to! The board is 18mm

Okay I will keep that in mind, doesn’t the VESC 6.0 have these issues? A eRPM limit of 60,000 is quite a lot isn’t it?

Just finished the risers. They are made out of some hard wood I found in my workshop.

I also recieved my wheel pulley today, 3D-printed from Not sure if PLA is strong enough though?

I used this 3D-model

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Can’t comment on the vesc 6.0, I haven’t looked at it. And it just depends on the kv of the motor and the voltage of the battery

PLA is too brittle to use for pulleys. Nylon would be best.

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Good to see another Dane here! That’s pretty rare! Where do you live? Maybe we can meet up some time?

If you need any parts, I am about to launch an eskate website containing prebuild boards and spare parts.

Du er velkommen til at sende mig en mail på [email protected] :slight_smile:

If the PLA version fits I will go for another material. However printing in Nylon is pretty expensive, maybe ABS could do the job? As far as I know ABS is much stronger than PLA :slight_smile:

Hi Oskar, good to know that I am not alone on my electric longboard in Denmark! I live in Aalborg, how about you? Could be fun to meet :smiley:

Lyder spændende med din webshop :slight_smile: ! Hvis du har brug for noget hjælp med opsætning/udvikling må du sige til - jeg arbejder til dagligt med webudvikling/design :smile:

It’s looking oddly similar to my build so far. You might try and router out the edge of the deck a bit on the underside to give it kindof a wheel well. It’s been working out really well on my. I’ve got 97mm wheels and only 1/4 inch risers

As for printed pullys I’d have someone see about cnc milling some out of aluminum if it’s anything like my motor and gear covers that shit will vibrate itself to pieces.

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It seems like this has been addressed and fixed w/ the VESC 6. Where the VESC 4.xx was pretty much guaranteed to kill the DRV chip over 60k ERPM’s (thanks to @Chaka for calling out this limitation and sharing here).

I just read a pretty lengthy post by Ben on his forum regarding the VESC 6 Beta. Getting close finally! And some motors over 150k ERPM it seems w/o issue. Much higher amps possible, and just seems a ton more robust!

The possible downside if you were going to build your own (you made your own deck - i’m guessing you might try reflowing your own VESC) - Vedder’s BOM/Gerbers aren’t yet available during the “Beta” . But you can see if there is room to join the beta group by contacting @trampa (Frank at Trampa) to get on the list. Trampa being in the UK, and you in Denmark - it should be a bit faster for you vs those of us in the states.


If you go printed pulleys - you should go 15mm wide belts for more contact, and hopefully you are light. Being in Denmark - i’m also guessing it’s pretty flat where you ride?

I had a single 9mm setup w/ printed wheel pulley for my GF - worked OK. Nylon IIRC, not PLA, but while she could ride it - it would skip terribly for me no matter how tight i ran the belt. Not just at faster speeds… So while it can work… I would still go w/ Aluminum if you can. Look for @Titoxd10001’s 15mm 15/40 setup if you want to gear down (less top speed, better accel and torque) w/ some nice aluminum gears that won’t break the bank $ wise. Unsure if shipping to EU will be prohibitively expensive though…


Thanks for the tag. @Deathjunior I have aluminum 40t pulleys designed especially for 97mm flywheels. I also have steel 15t 15mm pulleys. They will be available for purchase today or tomorrow shipped directly from Europe at a very reasonable price.

It is indeed very flat in Denmark, however we got hills now and there :slight_smile: Maybe I should go with a steel or aluminium pulley instead. I just find the idea of 3D-printing parts very appealing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, thats good to know! I have already contacted Frank, and I believe he added me to the mailing-list :slight_smile:! So I am waiting to recieve an e-mail from him!

@Titoxd10001 I am very interested in one of your kits, does it fit a 83mm flywheel? Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks nice, do you have more pictures of your board? :smiley:

I don’t have many since I don’t take many lol but sure


I’m good lol I run cnc aluminum wheel pulleys I just use an abs 3d printed spacer to make them work on my 97mm flywheels. My motor pulleys are steel. I’m going to rework my motor covers and print them from pla in order to investment cast them in sand.

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@solidgeek I actually have a motormount set including pulleys and trucks. I am willing to sell it to you for DKK600? It is about half of what I payed for them from DIY…

I have just recieved my 40T and 15T pulley from @Titoxd10001! Looks great, and fits my ABEC11 clones perfectly - thanks, you just saved me a lot of enginering :smile: !!!

Thanks, but I have been working on a motor mount myself :slight_smile:! Just finished the 3D-sketches today, and been trying to carve the design in aluminium on my CNC. It came out very good, however I did not have the time to finish it completly.

Looking forward to next weekend… :stuck_out_tongue:


So, it’s been awhile since I had the time to work with my board, however since the VESC 6.0 just has been released for Beta, I simple had to finish the mechanics (motor mount etc.). Instead of the aluminum motor mount I had been working on, I decided to try something new. I recently bought a 3D printer, so I thought it would be fun to try and make an all 3D-printed motor mount. And I came up with this design (inspired heavily by the one from DIY).

It consists of to parts, heavily interlocked and reinforced. The locking ring fits perfectly on a caliber truck and is tightened by one 5mm bolt and locked in place with another 5mm bolt. The whole motor mount fits right over the caliber-ring, and is locked in place with 1-5 4mm bolts. To make sure the motor mount doesn’t bend I have made room for two solid 3mm*80mm steel rods, that slides in from the tip of the motor mount.

Sooo… I printed it with some high quality carbonfiber reinforced PLA in about 4 hours, and it fits perfectly :smile:

It feels incredibly stiff and robust, however if it will last more than a few miles, I do not know :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully it works untill I learn to push myself ;)! I’m looking forward to recieving my VESC 6!

If anyone wants to try to 3D-print the motor mount themselves I would love to share the Autodesk Inventor / STL-files :slight_smile:


That looks awesome, the way you reinforced the motor plate is inspired. I’d like to print one if these in ABS and give it a run, if you don’t mind sharing.

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