The Osprey *UPDATED* | Hummies New Hubs | 12s3p 5200mah? | VESC 6.0

Motor - Hummies New Hubs Battery - 12s3p new battery with Samsung 30Q VESC - probably one of the new 6.0 Deck - Lifelong Nomad Micro Drop Enclosure - @psychotiller Low Pro Controller - alien systems 2.4ghz remote.

Updated 12/14/16

Vesc - Ollinboards @chaka if you live in the US Kegels are nice! Why not :slight_smile:

Just looking for a softer ride. But if the new Hubs are good, I’ll do it anyway.

If I’m gonna spend that much on a VESC, should I just go with the VESC-X. I was looking at other VESC’s like the one from Miami Electronic because I’m down here in Orlando.

Ollinboard’s vescs aren’t just normal vescs, he improved some components and offers free warranty on them. They’re probably as good as VESC-X, but VESC-X is not even out and tested, while chaka’s ones are well known. Plus, vescx doesn’t have warranty if you don’t buy that separately for 40 bucks.


Good to know! I’ll have to look more into that.

Please do not do that. The VESC-X with all the hype and new form factor and 2 stage testing still only comes with 60 days of warranty. But the real issue is it’s still a new platform that remains untested. Not to mention you dont know when you’ll get it. Enertion has a reputation of delays in shipment though understandable due to the crazy volume he puts out with a fairly small team but still it may delay your build longer than you expect.

Ollin’s are reputable and robust and you get 2 YEARS of warranty from the get go. That and he’s got a reputation for excellent customer service with I can confirm. You will not regret the purchase.

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On the topic of wheels though, are orangatang Kegel good wheels? I have Orangatang Durian atm.

I personally don´t ride Kegels, but lot´s of people recommend them and even Boosted Board use them on their new Boosted V2

For a softer ride, you could just run 90mm or larger wheels up front, and Hummie’s 80’s hubs in the rear. I swapped out my front two wheels with 97’s since the 83’s were too rough for some of my roads. With the 97’s, it’s a much better ride even with the 83mm drive wheels, and I don’t even notice the very very slight reverse rake it creates.

I’m getting the single motor, so unless someone wants to sell me a single Kegel, that will be pretty expensive

you can get them single in a lot of places

Could you link me?

Updated 12/14/16