The Paladin - a mountainboard build journal


DECK: MBS Retaliation
BATTERY: 12S (2x Turnigy 20000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack)
ESC: Focbox Unity
MOTORS: Torqueboard 190kv 6380
MOTOR MOUNTS: Janux Matrix II Mounts
TRUCKS: Matrix II (Hard Bushings in Back Medium in Front)
WHEELS: MBS T3 200mm
HUBS: MBS Rockstar Black
MAX SPEED: 44MPH 18:72T | 46MPH 18:72T
MAX RANGE: 20Miles


Finding my Limits | Vol: 1 | EMTB | ESK8

Finding my Limits | Vol: 2 | EMTB | ESK8

ESK8 / EMTB / MBS DIY Electric Mountainboard - skatepark session 0.2


2021 Updated Build Photo:

Whats New/Changed?

Swapped from Maytech to Torque boards Motors.
Designed and Implemented E-Loom wire hiders, I cant handle wires on the bindings.
Designed and implemented Deck shaped ESC case. Sick of seeing Box’s Esc cases FFS.
Swapped from Dirt tires to Metro board Rd tires, They are Thick and handle thorns without deflation.
Broke FlipSky Speedometer, To lazy to install Davega fully.
Installed MetrPro to track data and tell me info in my headphones of what the board is doing.


Placeholder #2

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Geared the board for 50mph , first ride to test the 63T:18T pulley combo went well. Did not hit any animals and got myself to a new personal record of 45mph .

Since my EMTB Build capped out at 44mph, It couldn’t ride constantly at 44mph. I would just keep knocking on 44’s door, unless it was mainly flat.

With the 63T:18T combo I should be able to learn to maintain the 44mph and lean into 45mph+.

I do have a 2x Stormcore sitting here… but I kinda like seeing how far this Unity can go at 12s.

The only thing I dont like, is having lights mounted full time. Other than that, I would like to try out a mountainboard some day. They would be a nice addition to a street longboard.

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The light currently is more like a shred light. This photo is from a year ago. A lot has actually changed on the build.


Epic build thread! Love it

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45mph yup, very respectable.


Dude why have I not seen this? Dopeness. Dig the ESC case. Not a big fan of the bro deck look. But who cares what I like.

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The Green Deck is a MBS but I do have a Bro and pressed my own Deck that I call the Bro-No (Big Bro)

Built with the kit. Enjoy the possibilities of making your own deck. Stop buying start building!


Introducing the Bro-No! or Big Bro.


Oh nice man. Did you vac form it or use a press?

I use a vacuum bag from


Build Updates and Changes:

Created and Installed a New Esc Enclosure.

  • Prevents me having to zip tie my phase wires on top of my cross bars. This was never ideal.
  • 3D modeled up a new Enclosure then printed it out and added threaded inserts.
  • Used the k40 laser to cut out a box top. Top still needs stain and a seal coat still, but I’m being lazy.
  • Use the Bantam Desktop CNC Mill to create a bottom plate for the Esc Enclosure. This will act as a want to mount the case as well as a heat sink.
  • re-wired and wrapped the cables, and tried to mange them. Its a tight fit but works for me.

The past case was more of a alpha test, to see if I could even make a case strong enough for my daily abuse when riding. My board is not always on four wheels at the skatepark. With that said, the mounting style of this case as well as the thermal’s and readability lead me to making a version II.

Thanks for taking a look at my build thread. ~ NullBlox.ZachryWilsn


Love the build!

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Me too, it looks good

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Thank you!

Thank you as well!

Nice build bro, are your temp sensors f*ed up as well in those motors ?

Edit: no, it looks to be showing up on METR. What firmware and sensor settings are you on ?

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