The Parts Bin [230kV 6355] [6S 8Ah Lipo] [120A 6S ESC] [GT2B]

I ended up replacing pretty much every part I had over the course of my first build. This left me with a ton of spare parts lying around and I figured they shouldn’t go to waste so I’m making another board :stuck_out_tongue:

The specs won’t be amazing but this is mostly meant to be a board I can let friends try out so it’s not a huge deal. Everything on the board right now is what I currently have. I’m still waiting on the ESC, battery, and remote then I’ll make an enclosure and it’s good to go!

The parts are:

  • Flywheel Clones 83mm
  • Caliber II Trucks
  • Blank Deck
  • Torqueboards Mount
  • Torqueboards Pulley
  • Maytech Motor 6355 230kV
  • Multistar Lipo 6S 8Ah
  • Hobbyking 120A X-Car Beast
  • Hobbyking GT2B Remote

Where did you get the deck ?

I think I got this one off eBay or Amazon but you can find a really nice selection of blank decks at They just came out with some new decks and the new fiberglass kicktail looks like this one but a little shorter with some flex.

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Thanks I’ll check that

So today I made the enclosure out of some boxy stuff I found in the paint section at home depot.

IMO it worked out quite nicely. The box is basically a paint tray so it’s very flexy. However, its quite thin so I’ll have to ride it around for a while to determine whether its good enough or not.

People have used paint trays in vacuum formers before, the plastic is pretty brittle and doesn’t hold up well at all. Good catch though.