The puppy | Jet Spud | Diyesk8 mono kit | 8s lipo with BMS | Eboosted ds enclosure

Finally! It’s ALIVEEEEEE!!! it all begins back in (I think) February 2018: I’ve been going around with a 6s 245Kv single drive for a year and a half and I wanted more… More in less space, so the obvious choice was a jet spud 29. I was able to find it locally (well, almost locally, but still in Italy). It’s graphics were ugly as shit, with that “Japanese flag”, but I figured I could sand it down real good IMG_7644

I bought a complete, with motor, vesc, mount, battery, bms, trucks and wheels and a remote. the board was functional, but cable management was a total mess, wires were too small and not silicon, batteries were in series with a really bad soldered adapter, so I discarded everything but the trucks, wheels, esc and batteries. After that I connected the BMS to the battery, antispark switch, vesc, and motor to it and (after a lot of fiddling with esc programming, resoldering of phase wires…) voilà! it works!

Time to manage the cables: I dremeled a square for the phase wires to sit in on the top of the board (boosted style). I was able to do quite a good job I think. IMG_7645

Then I decided sand down the graphics and go bare wood. Used some dark woodstain and now it looks like this! IMG_7655IMG_7652IMG_7653IMG_7651 In the pictures you can see a 3d Printed riser with integrated bullet connectors (printed in sls by my business). I also printed a pulley cover with my personal ultimaker 2.

I bought the magnificent @Eboosted double stack battery enclosure and here we are! IMG_7659IMG_7662IMG_7661

still not tried to ride, but tomorrow I’ll ride it to work and back :smiley:

special thanks to: @b264 for his help with the bms wiring
@legend27 for his bag of goodies that came with the belt he sent me from Denmark with love.


First off really cool build. Second glad you got rid of the “Japanese flag”. You thought about slapping some bindings on this bad boy? (I say this only because i’ve seen them on almost all the spuds).

firs off, thank you very much! second, nothing against Japanese ppl or flag, but those graphics were… :nauseated_face:

I don’t really like having my feet attached to the board in case something goes wrong…

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Yeah I guess that makes sense. The reason reason I put the quotation marks there is that the same design represents a less than moral time for japan. XD

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You really got a pretty nice looking board, looks great and I like how cool you were at building it.


Really cool and clean build! What battery did you get?

For the moment being, as I’m short on money, I’m stuck with two 5200mAh 4s multistar batteries in series with a bms only for charging purpose. I’m planning to get a 8s 3-4p li-ion in the future, when the money will be less tight.

The board is still a wip, but for now it’s in rideable conditions and is indeed cleaner than I planned :smiley: I really hate the switch though… it’s so red and ugly! I must find a way to put on one of those push buttons with leds without frying it with the whole 33,6V…


A little update as I finally tried this bad boy out! The board is quite comfortable, the shape of the deck is really nice and the thin rubber risers I have dampen vibrations more than I expected. The spud is quite stiff and short, and I had to use the longer wheelbase because of the eboosted enclosure that ii didn’t want to modify. The disadvantage of the longer wheelbase is that I cannot use the tail as a “makeshift kicktail” as the truck sits right under the point of the tail. Still thinking about cutting a notch in the base of the enclosure for the truck to sit in the shorter wheelbase, but my fear is that I will get clearance issues between the motor and the enclosure… With the 83mm I got no wheelbite, but I had to stiffen the trucks quite a bit due to wobbling at speed. speed is not uncomfortable and with the smooth start on the vesc it does not try to throw me off.

I’m quite satisfied with the build: it’s quite fast, it brakes ok, it’s quieter than I expected.

to do list:

  • get a fancy led switch

  • get a nice battery display
  • get the money to buy a liion 8s (3 or 4 p? I need something like 15-20km of range…)
  • get nicer wheels, the ones I have are quite worn out and chipped
  • ???
  • profit!
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I would go for 8s4p 30q. 10 wh/km=50km :open_mouth:

Well, that’s more than double of what I need. I like it! I’ll need to find someone to build it for me in Italy/EU (@fottaz do you accept this kind of “custom work”?If you do feel free to let me have a quote on this) or some place that ships a big ass custom made battery to my home as soon as I’ll have the money. With a battery like that I could literally go from home to my parents country house and half way back in one charge :smiley:


€190 for 8S4P


I guess Euro. EDIT: Still a good price! When I made my 10s3p 30Q cell I paid I think 130 Euro in cells and nickel. This guy make it for 175 Euro, not bad at all.


holy cow! That’s a lot less than I expected! I guess I have to thank you again :smiley: IMG_7668

@rey8801 at that price I could actually be able to afford it sooner than I expected!


I live in Belgium at the moment, but I am Italian too. I am coming back for holidays in couple of days. I could bring you the battery and save some money. I come by car anyway :wink: Of course it depends where you leave. Too late this time.


I’m in Milan, but I’ll be on vacation from next weekend :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I cannot buy anything more expensive than toothpaste atm, sooo… Anyway, thank you very much for your kind offer and bentornato in patria in a couple of days!

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Grazie, anch’io di Milano! Next time is gonna be around Christmas if you need it :wink:

I just realized that you built the avenger spud! that’s awesome! Another Milanese 3D printer Spudist! It’s partially because of your build that I ended up buying a spud, I think your build was the first spud I laid my eyes on and it was love at first sight :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome! Same things for me. I have seen the @ElskerShadow Spud build on Reddit and I couldn’t stop! I have to say, I love the Spud format. I had a Koowheel but I needed a short deck and the Spud was just to good. Yeh 3D printing came first, it was already and still is one of my passion :grin: Now I am trying to make this Spud fly by changing to new hub motors :laughing: (check my group buy to understand). Well I hope we can meet in the future!

Where do you live now? :slight_smile: do you want to come in the dutch whatsapp group?

Thnx for the refferal