The REAL capacity of your battery pack

Hi everyone! I’m riding my new build for like 1000km and it still runs great! I just want to share some of my thoughts about my battery pack. I’m just thinking about getting more range out of my pack because I think it can be better. I’m very happy with the max range I get now (25km agressive riding + 5km normal riding)

This is my board: IMG_20180920_172058 IMG_20180920_171349 IMG_20180923_231849 10S4P 30Q pack 60A bluetooth bms Ownboard hubs Ownboard esc 2A 41.5V charger

I discovered that if the battery hits around 3.5V / cell the board slows down and will completely stop at 3.2V / cell. This is normal and programmed in the esc which is actually pretty healty for the batteries. IMG_20181014_123729

I can do around 25km of agressive riding and after that it gets ‘boring’ but it will still ride for like 5km. I did a 25km ride yesterday and the board started so no boring ride and charged it (only took 4h) I use a slow 2A charger and it charges at real 1.8A (I can see this in the bluetooth app from my bms) so that means 1.8A x 4h = ~7Ah

Now I was just inspecting the graphs of the samsung 30Q and chose the curve that shows these average values, so 7 / 4 = 1.75Ah / cell. IMG_20181014_131724

I was just thinking to use the new flipsky dual vesc so I could adjust the cut off voltage to get more range out of these beautiful cells. I know the cells need to put out much more current when going to a lower voltage but I’m not planning to pump up the amps of the motors, just set them on 10A per motor (now I pull 9A per motor and its fine for me) So I can ride ‘agressive’ for a longer time.

Has anybode ever switched from the standard hub esc to a vesc and got a much better range/performance of their battery?

I have switched to a vesc from a dual esc and noticed better performance but not really range as I never discharge my lipos below 3.6v so I don’t hit the cut off.

However I do know that 18650 cells can safely discharge down to 2.8v and judging by that graph you would get an extra 4ah total or another 10-15km of range. That could be pushed further by dropping the cut off to 2.5v but that will lessen cycle life and potentially harm the cells

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You can choose battery life (more charges, more miles out of it)

Or you can choose less range but longer life

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