The Red Rover| 6s2p Epower pack | Single Propdrive 270 | $14 eBay deck | 83mm Clones | Dexter’s Vesc

Yup, you read that right, I’m 13 (not the board). I’ve had nothing but problems with this board, in fact, it’s not even working right now due to a broken belt. Anyways, here are some pics

Your mount isn’t on right which would make sense, your battery is probably prone to voltage sag since that’s low voltage and few cells in parallel

Yup, I knew both of those things, I’m just gonna buy a new mount. As for the battery, I’ll probably be keeping that for a little while.

Battery is good def get a new mount

Sorry but i still dont understand what is your question here ?

I asked a question?

yea man id just get caliber II trucks and an appropriate motor mount.

Yea, I think I’ll buy some calipers and an Enertion mount

Total cost?

I bet just around $500 but I’ve probably spent over $900 in duplicate parts :grimacing:

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What kind of 13 year old is walking around with 900​:joy::joy:

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The kind that takes some from his savings account :joy:


Haha well have fun let me know if u want me to upgrade ur battery

@willpark16 haha ok. I definitely want to upgrade my battery but don’t have the money right now

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Whenever is cool I’m up to my knees in batteries rn

Alright it might be a few months

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You sure sound a lot older than a 13 yr old would

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I’d be interested in a battery. Could I message you?

Yea sure man @Jayallday

@Jayallday are you still wanting some Motor adapters?