The Retro Rocket / Blank Deck / Single Motor 6355 / Caliber II 55 / 10s3p / COMPLETE... UPDATE

Hello Everyone,

This built is now complete, but I still want to make a recap about the process,

1- Choosing the right Deck.

At first, I wasn’t really sure about the style I was looking for. So I found a pretty nice web site who where selling wholesale blank deck, ( ), and I decide to bought 3 deck to see what will be my best option.

At first, I have fall in love with the DropTrough and did my best to set it up right. I use some Original 83mm Flywheels and 55 Caliber II (purple satin for the style), and original gripe tape Job.

But when I finally receive the Motor Mount, I realize that they are to short and it would be pretty hard to put the motor in back of the deck. And because I had already fabricate the Fiberglas enclosure, I was left with only one choice, The KickTail, and I think that maybe for the best.

2- The Enclosure

Like I said previously, I have choose to make my own Fiberglas enclosure, for the pleasure to get my hand dirty, and try something completely new to me.

I’m still not 100% satisfy with the final product, and will probably work on a new version over the next weeks. The new design, will probably get a bit more height, for clearance, and also more angle and curve to be more stylish.

3- Battery And Electronics

I don’t have a lot to say about the battery, other than it’s a modify pack from DiyElectricSkateboard ( In fact I have only use the cell from the pack), with a custom hightech BMS, that can use a momentary switch.

The Battery display is the same that plenty of people use ( ), but with a different package ( ), that is easier to mount without any screw.

and the other electronic are VESC VESC VESC VESC VESC VESC nothing else to say.

4- Mechanic, most of the parts in this section will change over the next week, I’m still waiting on for some part to upgrade everything.

The Motor is a 6355 230kv from DiyElectricSkateboard, it working pretty fine, for a motor with a missing part on one of the magnet. And I know in some picture you see a 5065 170kv (again from TorqueBoard), but I burn it in the first 10km, so Now it the 6355.

The Belt is a 265mm (9mm wide), and the pulley are 15T 36T. I din’t have many choice for the gear ratio, because the motor mount from Psychotiller was a bit to short for the 265mm belt, and I have to shift everything to make it work with the only belt size I had.

5- In conclusion some picture of the not so final product.


What brand of BMS is it that uses a momentary switch?

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how is the main power switch hooked up to the BMS ??

The bms is the beta version of the bms in my build, still work in progress and to be production ready.

@Namasaki Like @Blasto said, this is still a prototype, so it has no brand on it, for now… @kyo Like a regular switch, it the BMS who does the magic. :tophat::sparkles:

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Do you not have to balance those batteries?

There’s a bms

Sorry, What is a bms.

A “battery management system” it balances the batteries for you. Like a balance charger but easier in a sense. Look it up on google.

Yes, @jrpwit and @PLEB the BMS is use to balance the battery, and protecting the VESC from direct current of the battery (because it’s not a cheap chinese product). And on this particular model, also give the opportunity to use a momentary switch and 12v output.

Update… New Enclosure… It took me a few week but here it is a bran new enclosure, with more space and colour, and backlighting.