The Rocket | 4wd hummies hubs | 4x chaka vesc | 10s4p LG HE2 li-ion | CNC milled veneer pressed deck

for sure. i cut off my fuse so no more blowing that thing.

@evoheyax Are you running this in FOC? Would you mind sharing your settings, if so? :heart_eyes:

What settings are you looking for. For the FOC mode settings, you need to based on your motors, as everyone has a slightly different motor. Some are 90 kv, some are 80 kv, and even a motor rated at 90 kv for example could be + or - a few kv (like 93 kv or 87 kv).

In terms of general settings, it depends on what battery your using (max amps you can pull, 12s vs 10s). At 10s, you want up to 50 amps on the battery side for these motors. I run the motor amps at 80 regardless. To set your battery cutoffs, use this chart:

for regen, I think 12 amps is good between the motors, so if dual, 6 amp per motor. I use 3 amps per motor since I have quad. Everything else, I have left the same as default. The remote you have calibrate, since we’re using a mix of remotes (right now, I’m messing with the mini trigger. Was using the steez before)


It’s been a while since I did any updates, and a lot has changed. so heres an update:

  • I cooked the lubricant out of my bearings (even with 4wd, I still hit 250 F+)
  • As a result, I decided high heat ceramics would be a better option. But we needed tools to crack the motors off and I had to wait over a month for ceramic bearings to arrive.
  • I decided I was done with 10s, and I wanted 12s. I ordered a few more cells, and now I’m up to a 504 Wh 12s4p.
  • I decided to go back to the carvon v2’s in a dual drive.
  • The carvon v2’s were good and bad. The overheated the vescs very quickly, but I was able to do 38 mph officially, and I believe I hit speeds of 40 mph+ at times when I wasn’t recording data. This deck handles high speeds like a champ, not even a bit of speed wobble at 38 mph.
  • But I had to take many breaks to cool down the vescs with the v2 carvons, so they were not practical. I have since decided I will make another deck with a 4wd carvon v2’s. Details on that will go into a new build thread when I’m closer to finishing that board.
  • @hummie and I were finally able to crack the entire motor apart to replace with ceramics. While I waited for the tools, I order a special request quad vesc from @chaka. This was necessary, as I could not fit 4 vescs with caps with a 12s4p battery. Since I already upgraded the battery, this had to be done to reduce foot print.
  • We replaced the bearings with ceramics two weeks ago, and I got my quad vesc this past weekend.
  • I also replaced my battery screens with individual cell readings. So no more math, just look and see how the cells are doing. As you’ll notice in my picture below, the 2nd p needs balancing, the rest are pretty good. To balance, I simply take off the lid, and unplug the balance cables that go to the balancing port on the screens on the lid. I charge through the balance cable the p that needs balancing with a regulated power supply.

With out further a due:


very nice! how did you remove the bearings? I was thinking about ceramic bearings for my all weather board, but the bearings were in there pretty tight, didnt want to break anything. did you work with heating/cooling or just brute force/hammering?

It was a 2 man job for sure. It required a 2 pin spanner, an arbor press, 2 people with a lot of force, and I even CNC milled a tool out of steel to get the little bearing off. It was a lot of work the first time, but it’s easier now that we’ve done it. That high heat expoxy is way stronger than needed. Red locktight from here on out.

Quite a voyage! I hope the board is presently working great. Do you still have Hummie Hubs in this build? I’m about to start on a small build with FOC, Torqueboards VESCs, 12s1p, and Hummie Steel Hubs, but your experiences here have me worried about heat. I actually thought the steel hubs fixed this problem.

Do you think I’d also run into heat issues at 200-ish lbs? Or maybe have any advice on ways to mitigate it? For example, if I could limit the board to 15% grade or 15MPH, that’d be fine. I just don’t want it melting my bearings.

Everything’s working great. Only issue I’ve had since the new car tire rubber has been bearings. I would just watch how your riding. Weight has a factor for sure. Hummie weighs 50 pounds less than me and doesn’t have the heating issues like I do.

I also ride very aggressive. Quick stopping, and quick accelerations always. That eats up more amps and generates more heat. I also ride with a heavy backpack, so my riding weight is closer to 220-225 lb.

I also ride long distances at mostly full throttle (5 miles). And I have lots of hills on my route. Stick to flats and riding aggressive for shorter distances or a bit less aggressive for longer distances.

OR, just go quad :stuck_out_tongue: IMO, I need quad motors with these motors in order to get the performance I need with out real heating issues.

The real beasts will be his new motors. I will upgrade this board to 4wd with those sooner or later with a higher kv.

Do you have any video of this beast in action???

If you look above, there’s a short clip maybe 20 posts above of being ridden by hummie. He didn’t push it’s limits though by any means, so it doesn’t really show it’s power, just more or less that it works, haha.

But I am working on getting videos together. I have 3-axis gimble coming this week so I can get more videos of this board.

Check back in a week or so, and I should have some new videos posted :stuck_out_tongue:

@evoheyax except of being flat is there anything against to mill similar deck from 30mm thick maple plywood sheet?

Well you need something with a lot of strength. The problem with plywood is it’s inherently weak. I have tried and had some success. But at the end of the day, I figured out that it was better to press Canadian maple veneers. You get far better strength due to many cross and normal grain layers.

Not to say it can’t work, check out the board I did before this one. Basically what you are saying. But the problem is then you need a 20mm solid layer on the bottom instead of 5mm. It’s literally that much stronger.

It looks like your first board was made from solid wood (pine) and I’m talking about canadian maple plywood so basicly same lamination as you did just not in a bend form. There’s also a unidirectional plywood but this as I understand won’t be good because to gain strenght fibers should be crossed?

If the plywood is constructed of 1/16th of an inch or even 1/8th of an inch, you might be ok. I had a hard time findin such thing. I guess I should say technically, it was my third board that I made from Canadian maple plywood. It was strong on the outside layers but the inside was very fragile. That was the best maple plywood I could find.

if you can find.better stuff like what my board is made of power to you. I was not able to find any plywood pre made with the strength I got from pressin my own.

Ok thanks, now I get it :wink: I’ll try maybe and we’ll see.

There’s only one way to know. Worst case go me was I ha to do a solid 20 cm thick layer on the bottom. Made the board super thick, but it did work

I just checked and one layer is 1,66mm so I’ll have about 18 of them. I was also planning to made an insert from carbon fibre pipe if that will be nesesery.

Has the red lock tight been holding up or did you find it’s not strong enough?

To hold the motor on? Never had any issues with red loctite failing, except on the inner ring. This is one of the reasons the new motors use a C-Clip instead.

In terms of holding the motor on the axle, this will never fail. Too long of a threaded surface. It took a 10 foot long wrench with an abor press and tractor piece on the end meant to open tractor engines. It worked in getting it off, but it took 2 people over 30 minutes to get it off. It’s so hard, that theres no way it will ever come off on its own…

@evoheyax hey you mentioned something about chaka doing a quad VESC earlier in this thread. What exactly does he do? I am working on a 4WD and am not exactly sure how to setup 4 VESC’s. Is this a service he sells or just helping out a friend?