The Rust Rocket | Bintang Deck | 10s4p | VESC | MBS All Terrain | Dual 6384 190kv

You can mix some epoxy thick and coat the sides of the hole, then use foam tape to hold the insert in place while it cures. It still won’t look great but it’ll do the job.

LMAO WAIT WOW. i didnt even think of drilling the side of the enclosure. That would make the wires come through very nicely. sometimes i don’t think things through…smh

Also i will take your advice and move the battery further down. Will test fit tomorrow and show you all what it looks like. Gonna get up nice and early since i have sunday at my disposal.

@mmaner hmm I see, I had originally intended to just fill the sides with epoxy as well and also gorilla glue :smiley: but i’ll go the epoxy only route and see what happens.

Mental aches of DIY, but we learn everyday…

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Have you drilled the hole in the enclosure too big? Or have you drilled the hole for the insert too big? From the picture it looks like there is a dirty great hole in the enclosure no? You might get away with using the really pretty washers that @Deckoz used on his evo build. They’re something like motorbike fairing washers?

Something like this? Apologies if i’ve misunderstood your situation!

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Hey! Yea man they are called fender washers. :slight_smile:slight_smile: thanks @bigben

@Ebisane9 your hole in the deck is to big, just fill it with some wood glue or epoxy and let it dry.

If it’s the enclosure, some fender washers will do ya good and make it look perty

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if you’re wondering why the holes… I had this crazy idea to go with the name and make it look a bit shoddy. It was coming out too clean and did not deserve the name rust rocket at all.

Anyways…Today was a big day…

Started off with actually properly making some good inserts. So i did 3 inserts per side then 4 skateboard bolts. So 7 holders per side in total. That became pretty easy once i found the right drill bit.

I then mounted the trucks on the deck so i could start re-doing detection. Which @Jlabs kindly walked me through…again…:joy::star_struck:

Lined up the case on the deck. just to make sure i could press everything.

More cable management done. Doesn’t look managed but it is totally managed.

Then i went on and wired everything up, locked things up with zip tie and mounted the enclosure on.

More random shots.

More mounting shots, screws not fully installed yet.

Pic of ground clearance. Really good, i don’t foresee any problems.

More ground clearance pics

Motor clearance pic

I went on a real short ride and holllllly. This thing is no joke, It hauls ass. I literally need some genuine love-time with this board to understand it. I dialed down the settings for now. (Bluetooth module ftw) It’s a rocket and it’s worthy of its name. I am super happy with how it turned out, this is a huge upgrade from my gen 2 evolve and i can’t wait to properly get a hang of this thing.

Thank to all you guys for the help and contribution! @Deckoz @Jlabs @Eboosted @threebysix @GrecoMan @lrdesigns @b264 @moon @mmaner

It’s actually freaking incredible. I’m blown away. pun intended

What kind of pics do you guys wanna see? Of course i’ll upload some shots from my first proper ride :smiley:

Edit: also drilled phase leads


That’s awesome, I live you see a first build come together so we’ll…my 1st was a disaster :smile:.

Post some video from a ride soon, then look back at in a year and you will see how much more confident you are riding, it’s a surreal thing.


Damn, that’s fly :slight_smile:

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Maaaan! That looks beautiful! Congrats!

Let me shout a couple of recommendations:

Use thread locker on the enclosure bolts, but just after you dial everything and have used the board for at least 2 weeks, those bolts WILL back out, but don’t use threadlocker just yet, you will need to open the enclosure several times before, otherwise you will hate my idea

Upgrade your pivot cups bushings with riptide ones

Use Vicious grip tape, your board will look amazing

Hey! Yeah i know about those bolts. they will no doubt back out. 100% sure as i faced the same with my evolve board. RIP. I’m pretty much done tinkering on the inside as i have BT module but if anything shakes out of place i’ll definitely have to open up. Hoping that does not happen.

My bushings are the riptide ones! :smiley: i have KranK cone and Barrel in 93A. They changed the ride over my old shitty ones.

Vicious grip tape? never heard of it, will do an amazon search. Kinda want Black and Yellow HEXAGONS…

thank you @eboosted for the inspiration and beautiful enclosure design!

Vicious does have black and yellow options, but if you ask me I’ll paint the deck with acrylic matte yellow paint and stick black vicious hexagons over it, this will look sick as hell!

Something like the Darth Maul but yellow instead of red


wow that sounds like an amazing idea. Sounds like a mid summer project for sure! Have to let myself rest for a bit though (final exam season :frowning: ) and also my wallet rest( broke boi season ) for a little bit. I do have a list of some upgrades/ cosmetic additions that i’d like to add though and i’ll no doubt take your suggestion at hand.

Thanks man! Good nomenclature :wink:

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I will try make a video soon enough. I don’t have a go pro or any of that so i’ll probably just get a friend to film me while i do the thing :smiley: once my full face comes in i will work on getting some action equipment :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to get used to it. It will be very exciting.

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Alas the euphoria was short lived. Went on a ride today and my motor mount rattled loose. Unfortunate. I think part of it was my fault because i did not loctite it down, but i torqued it down real hard with this so it really should not have rattled loose, since loctite is “technically” optional. @Deckoz what kind of loctite did you use? red? or blue? 620 or 242? considering just get marcs mounts but then i’d have to get belts and blah blah blah so i wanna stick with this since it works well for you.

Also i lost a set screw so does anyone know what size they are? i know they’re m8 but the length i dont know. @torqueboards

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Hey man, I typically just dip the entire bolt in Blue so all the threads are covered. Make sure to let it sit for the day for the loctite to cure.


@Ebisane9 If your in the USA Pm me and I’ll send you some new bolts. I have you down for a replacement once the new 2pc option is ready.

Okay awesome, I’ll PM you now and send you my shipping details. Any idea of estimated ship time? this boy is hungry to ride.

Alrighty gotcha! I have some blue on hand so i’ll use that.

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Good to hear you didn’t really break anything

I’m glad i was able to catch it as well. It was nice while the ride lasted, blasted past my friends with ridiculous ease. One of them actually shouted “That’s not fair, I paid $1200 for my evolve” It was funny!

Plus adjusting the motor mount is very minor compared to everything else i’ve done for the build lol.