The Salvaged 36 X 9 - Sticker bombed UV Leds & headlights | 83mm Fly wheels | 5065 270kv| Single Drive | 2x 6s lipo | 6S esc (updated -lower specs) Completed

Wud up esk8 peeps!

New build using some old stuff…

I’ll be using an old 36x9 longboard with a kick tail … Just took off the crappy grip…will be sanding the entire deck…I was gonna re-paint, but decided to use the sheet of sticker bomb for the bottom of the deck…as well as part of the top of the deck…ill have some sort of grip tape design…also thinking abt using the EL wire that I have as well…ill run red leds on the bottom, and may use a laser for the rear tail light (not sure yet) … And of course dual 15w headlights

I’ll be sporting Caliber 50 trucks that I’m contemplating on covering with the fake carbon fiber sheet…but not sure how it will hold up…

I’ll be running 12s lipo with @torqueboards 12s ESC diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv/ with 15/36 gearing on 83mm wheels with @chaka’s new 170kv 5065 motor …to mount everything I’ll be using @onloop’s tried and true motor mounts

Of course with all my builds … I’ll keep y’all posted!

Happy 4th of July weekend my :us: Peeps!


let me know how you like the motor :slight_smile:

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Will do … I may do a comparo with a Sk 149kv … But we shall see :thinking:

What do you use to control your lights

Nice concept. I have some friends who have some old boards and some roller skating wheels. Might do a salvage build myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

Depends …

He easiest set up is this

I bypass this when I connect the headlights so they say static even if there’s a disco happening under my feet lol

Plus a switch to turn off all the lights during the day :wink:

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You may find a gem of a board if you’re talking old :+1:t2:

Will you be trying to consolidate your board remote and light remote into one unit?

Looking better already :+1:t2:

Yeah its called 3m tape…lol

keep it simple buddy

From this

:point_down:t2: To this…in seconds

And it looks good…like it was suppose to be there :wink:



Took a min to realize what you did. Lol You taped it to the bottom of the rc controller. Looks like it was made to be that way. Sweet…

If you use the 3m it seals up…it also lets me stand up the remote lol…

Just call me McGuyver lol

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@Michaelinvegas Nice mod Michaelguyver. :clap: Got a link for the lights you’re going to use?

Which lights brother?.. I tend to use a lot of lights lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was thinking this but … Doesn’t have much of a stem … And prob over kill hahhahah

I just may go with these

I’m surprised no one has asked me about the laser tail light :thinking:

@Michaelinvegas Ok, I’ll bite. What about the laser tail lights? I must have missed that, but I am genuinely interested. And thanks for the links. It was the eagle eye lights I was thinking of, but wanted to know which ones you like our where you bought from. I think it’s finally time to get lit and do some knight ridering, but all the lighting options have my head spinning. Makes me just want to zip tie a flashlight to my board until I figure something out.

Hahaha…I know that it didn’t register with you guys…

So I tested it out on my old ride …:point_up_2:t2:

I diffused the laser light with a glue stick … It was super bright …

But it actually looks like this un-diffused

@Michaelinvegas Oh yeah, the glowing red board weenus. I do remember seeing that and wondering what that was, but was afraid to ask. Just missing some glowing, blue…spheres. Lol.

Those laser lights are pretty cool though. Never seen anything like that, except for when things get scanned in movies. Shine four of them in all directions and make it look like your riding a magic laser carpet.

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