The Sarlacc | Landyachtz Evo with Psychotiller Enclosure | Dual TB 6355 190kv | 12s4p Akhlut PCBs 30Qs |Surfrodz RKP/Psychotiller Mounts| DieBieBMS | Psycotiller Enclosure

Alright, I’m an idiot…I posted my build under the wrong account…re-posting now for tracking purposes!!! Sorry for clogging your feeds yall.

First build ever here!! I’ve been learning alot from all of you guys/gals on this forum and decided to start up a thread showing my progress. It’s been rpetty slow so far since I was starting from nothing and figuring this stuff out along the way. I’m an avid builder of random things so I have a few decent tools and skills laying around my garage and brain so i feel like this will eventually turn out pretty decently! I’ve been riding my Loaded Tan Tien for a while now and absolutely love the deck so I decided to use it for my build. I ordered my trucks and mounts through @psychotiller to stay as close to my original truck set up as possible! Thanks for all the help and tips with this man!!

Picked up some Kegels from my local skate shop and through a pulley set from TB on there!

After getting the mounts and wheels set up I realized I would have some clearance issues so I had to swap them around

The 265mm belt from TB was just a bit too short and was pulling my motor out of alligntment so I found a place that would custom make some 270’s for me and the look like the fit perfectly.

Notice the right motor is slightly off once the belt was on…I knew that was gonna cause some issues!

I decided to try my hand at building a fiber glass enclosure and that’s what I’m currently working on. This is the first time I’ve ever used fiberglass and I’ve been learning alot about what not to do now!

I wrapped the board with saran wrap and duct tape and made a quick mold out of some plywood and laid the fiberglass on the board so it matched the curves of the deck itself. Here it is after doing a bit more sanding and shaping.

I bought some neoprene rubber to create a gasket and some vibration dampening for the batteries when i get them going. My next step now is to bondo the entire enclosure and get it smooth and ready for paint. I bought some threaded inserts and will start getting it ready to mount on the board. I also purchased a battery spot welder and next paycheck I’ll be buying my cells. I have a few other parts on order right now, got @longhairedboy edder switch coming soon and a bestech BMS for charge and discharge protection. I bought a winning remote through the enertion part sale but I’ve been reading alot of bad things about it lately so I may upgrade that as well. Bluetooth module and some other various parts are coming in soon too. I need to figure out what VESC I’m going to use next though, I’m either going to get the FOCBOX or use TB VESCs…hearing good things about both! I’ll keep chugging along on this build and hopefully have it all wrapped up by the end of the month! I convinced the wife to get into this as well so she went out and got a boosted board dual XR (the last one around with the vangaurd deck) and has been having a blast on it!!! (We are a Loaded family…5 different loaded set ups between us both) Hopefully I can get to the Bondo/filler tonight and have some more progress to report on later!

Once again, sorry for the repost, just wanted to be able to track it under my account!


The fiberglass looks pretty good for your first go! I would definitely recommend FOCBOX’s if you can spend the little bit of extra cash. Also, please don’t use the winning remote. They are very unreliable and can be the downfall of your board (and you).

ahhh I was hoping they weren’t all bad. I’m only out $20 on it so I’m not too disappointed…

Payday is next week so I’m gonna pick up some FOCBOXs and the rest of my cells so I can get this thing on the road!!!

Thanks for the advice @JLabs

while we’re talking’ @JLabs, I would recommend getting his mini remote. Affordable, and amazing!:smile::+1:

And not too expensive I see…$30?? I may have to grab one of those. Payday is coming…time to buy the rest of my parts, i guess I’ll add that to the list! Oh cool, he has the focboxes as well, dang making this too easy to spend money!!

Filled all the gaps and divots and added a bit more structure around the trim tonight with Bondo Glass, this stuff is pretty awesome but a pain in the ass to sand.

Sanded it all down and thought i had it nice so i threw some primer on there and noticed a bunch of rough spots that i will have to work on tomorrow, I’m tired of sanding for tonight.



That’s pretty close to what I bought already…is that stuff going to be better than 1/8 neoprene?

After all the filling and first layer of paint, I feel like this enclosure is just a bit too heavy. I am currently building my own vacuum press table so once thats done I am planning on using this as a form for perhaps a carbon fiber replacement.

I’ve decided to go with the FOCBOXs and finally really understand the difference between the BLDC and FOC modes…this forum is awesome!

Hows the flex on that deck? Be careful mounting that box, if there’s any flex, you’re going to find torn flanges pretty quick.

Its the stiffest Tan Tien they make, forgot exactly what flex it was.

I was a bit worried about that, are there any good ways to stiffen it up? The enclosure I made is super thick and tough, almost too thick!

HEavy fiberglass will do a lot to add strength. Use plenty of bolts and don’t forget to seal it with silicone when you finally have your settings dialed in.

Don’t do what i did and get caught in the rain while testing before you have your box sealed! that sucked.


I can imagine! But you are also in Florida…doesn’t it rain like every 3 minutes there? (Guess it depends on what part you are in)

This fiberglass…I ordered the wrong stuff on accident but it may be my saving grace, its 16 oz woven strand glass and I threw 2 layers over the entire case as well as some strands around the lip. Also I used Bondo Glass to fill in any light spots and to reinforce the inside.

Its probably over kill but I figured I could use it as a mold for some decent carbon fiber later on if this doesn’t work for me!

Thanks for all the tips @longhairedboy

Quick question for you! I ordered your 12s bare bones Eswitch…I’m assuming so but wanted to make sure it will work on a 10s set up?

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I’m working on a Loaded Dervish build at the moment and also have a a Flex 1 [stiffest] Tan Tien board. These decks are extremely flexible, which isn’t something i’ve Seen that much of in most builds.

I am going to try mounting my gear in multiple suspended enclosures to embrace and enable the inherent flexibility of the deck. I’d be interested to see how you go in stiffening up the deck. I suppose the board to enclosure bolts would have to be numerous and fairly locked down? Otherwise you would have to deal with all sorts of creaks and rattles as you ride? I imagined that approach might crack the enclosure long term?

how have you deal’t with motor clearance on the back? When i was mocking mine up [the dervish tails kick down a whole lot more] there appeared to be very little clearance between the motor, board and ground.

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The fiberglass enclosure I made is pretty thick, I haven’t mounted it yet but I’m hoping that its going to stiffen the board up a bit. If not, I am going to try and map out and still use the same mounting locations but use what you are talking about (the multiple enclosures) and somehow route my wiring through the deck. I may even try and throw a layer of CF over it all too to add a bit more rigidity to it.

The motor clearance is perfect once I reversed the mounts around…having them forward facing was just not going to work so flipping them around to the backside of the trucks really opened up the space.

I’ve drawn out 2 different battery scenarios…one being one large pack, and the other is 4 separate 10s1p packs dispersed across the bottom of the board, similar to how i see alot of trampa style builds made.

I’m going to measure out everything tomorrow and try and get a “to scale” drawing of both so I won’t have to drill too many holes into my board.

Hey, if all else fails, I’ll continue to push my tan tien around manually (it really is a kick ass deck) and order a stiffer deck that will fit my esk8 set up.

Have you done any planning for your dervish yet? I have a dervish deck as well, I love that thing!

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yeah they’re fine at 10S.

I figured as much, just wanted to make sure! Thanks for the help!

I mocked up a battery enclosure with offsets on it’s sides in Fusion 360 for cutting on my Shapeoko CNC, but i’ll probably redesign that. Uni has kept me busy and I was waiting multiple months for parts to arrive, so there was no rush in my mind. There are a couple pictures on my build thread, which i should update soon. eLLF Board

I really llike the flexiness so, i’m going down the multiple enclosure route, but i’ve never seen them offset, so that will be itneresting to see if it works. My Dervish tail kicks down, so mounting it how you have it, i end up with like 5mm clearance either side of the motor, which doesn’t work for me. I’m doing a reverse mount like you, but flipping the motor the other way, behind the wheel to give clearance. Something i also haven’t seen done much. Sketch for a bit of context.

I am copying @namasaki for my battery setup, 5 x 2s1p lipo’s and the 'new’bestech 10s BMS, a couple FOCBOX’s. High Power 10s Lipo Battery Pack with BMS

Tan Tien is a much more enjoyable board to be, the shape locks you in, and it feels more nimble to me. It ended up being too short to fit all my gear in the way i wanted too, so that board was out and the longer dervish, in.


Took me a second to get it but I see what you are talking about, had to go look at my dervish.

I’m debating on throwing a layer of CF over my enclosure to help it out a bit, but I’m been doing some digging and have found a replacement deck if needed!

I got my first focbox being delivered today and possibly my BMS so I can start planning my layout!

Got my second focbox ordered, just waiting on getting most things in. I’ll order my batteries in the morning after I’ve had some rest!!! I’m still thinking samsung 30qs in a 10s4p set up.