The Show Down - HUMMIE vs JACOB - Electric Skateboard Hub Motor Test


Finally found a few hours to edit this video from end of last month. enjoy.

  1. Only 22mph with 10S?
  2. How much speed did the Jacobs reach?

Jacobs should reach 24mph, but in reality it’s more like about 20mph… It was hard to get that data since the vibrations of the Jacob hub wheel due to slipping urethane got really bad at higher speeds.

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Does the current iteration of Jacob’s motors have any sort of teeth for the urethane or is it all held by friction? I know Hummie’s urethan is ribbed so it moves with the can better.

yes, they have four teeth on the motor barrel… Jacob tells me the urethane is also improved version now. Slight increase in hardness & better quality.

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The have 4 small key-like things and are clamped by the shields.

There you can see the corresponding “keyways”.

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nice video, lots of effort! the end felt a little rushed though, I actually had to pause the video to read the topspeed conclusions … :smile:

wouldve been really REALLY great with vesc overlays to compare currents/power, maybe to have it black on white why hummies (hubbies haha!) are running hotter?

did you do all the tests with the same battery btw? what was the voltage when you did the topspeed runs? especially the hill climbing comparison feels a little problematic because of the discharge curves of liion batteries. they drop extremely fast from 42 -> 40, so whoever starts first probably has a 1-2V advantage until these cells get into this very linear slow steady decrease of voltage. I dont doubt that jacobs climb better because its simply larger motors, but ontop of that there might be also a 1-2V difference here which is quite noticeable in topspeed measurements at least … probably doesnt really matter much for this hill climbing.


Nice work on the video. I like your objective tests!

Was kind of surprised these hubs are only maxing out of 20-22 mph on 10s?? Though it would be much higher.

New baby!!!

It is the weight!

@lowguido 69kg / 12S / 30mph @onloop 95kg / 10S / 22mph (12S / 26,4mph)

A difference of 25kg results in a loss of about 4mph. That sounds reasonable!

i really doubt it, weight should play a negligible role in topspeed, especially with such hard thin urethane! a bigger guy could of course have more air drag :wink:

And we should not forget that @onloop has an early batch with soft urethane and @lowGuido had the newer ones. The difference in the material could be factor.

That wobbly urethane in the video scared the shit out of me. I am just curious how much the new urethane improved the hole thing ? @lowGuido - is your urethane still all right after all this time ?

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is the odd sound from jacob’s motors the urethane not being grippy enough and losing traction? got a little confused as to what caused it… will upload experiences with my Jacob hubs when I get vescs

It seems like it.

I managed to get up to 26mph / 42kph using Hummie Hubs on 10S and i weigh 90kg too. This is also the early aluminium bluegoo version and using soft / slowcure urethane Hummie used back then. Still holding up fine, but the motors get hot when going fast for longer periods at a time or going up long hills. So i’m also curious about the steel versions…

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Did these hummie motors also have the blue goo on them? I think he got rid if the blue goo and solved the overheating issue by decreasing the air gap and changing to steel.

maybe it was hummie clenching and grinding his teeth!! :joy:

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The blue goo is only in the aluminium version.