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The singing skateboard

Hello internet
my vescs are set to arrive today last parts i need (i wont sleep till this thing is running so exited), and i was thinking. i remember seeing videos of formula 1 cars playing music by revving their engines.

this got me thinking. i was wondering if we could replicate this using an electric skateboard. i know that some escs use the motors to create a jingle when powered on and the wheels not spinning. does anyone know how to program a “jingle” or some sort of note into the vesc?

Thanks, Hans

to this day i still have no idea how that beep noise comes from a motor…

I can only imagine that it is a high frequency signal into coil. try and move the motor with your hands while its playing and you can feel it.

i sort of understand that speakers are just linear motors (ok transducers/actuators) and that basically anything that accepts electricity to convert it into mechanical motion can theoretically do this, but its still sort of spooky.

Correct. Audible frequencies into a coil.

Reminded me of this:

Kinda relevant to this thread.
One of my favorite Youtubs channels.


Check this one out!